Friday, May 24, 2019

May 24, 2019

Crying Over Your Ex Can Help You Lose Weight

relationship, break up

Everybody has cried at some point in their lives. Some maybe more than others. Regardless, scientists have calculated that on average, a person will cry about 16.5 gallons of tears over the course of their life – that’s certainly a lot of tears.

But some new information is surfacing that may make you want to try and out-cry that average. It turns out that crying is not only good for your mental health, but it also may help you shed weight.

While you may be skeptical about that last part, there is truth behind the scientific study.

It’s all a link to cortisol.

Cortisol is a hormone that is often tied to stress, and when it is released, it can lead to weight gain and obesity.

But having extra cortisol can also help us fight off anything that is causing us stress. However, the problem is today’s society doesn’t always allow us the chance to come off the cortisol high, and we end up fighting obesity as well as stress, because when stressed our bodies feel that we’ve burned calories and need to replenish them.

You may be wondering what this has to do with crying.

Well, as it turns out, scientists are finding that emotional tears can actually help to decrease cortisol levels in our bodies. The hormones prolactin, leu-enkephalin, and adrenocorticotropin – also known as ACTH – all are produced naturally when we’re under major stress.

When we cry, it released those hormones and in turn reduces our cortisol levels. As a result, our bodies recognize that it doesn’t need to hold onto the fat because the stress is over.

While we may find ourselves in a vicious cycle of comfort eating when the stress hits, but science has shown that if we let that out with a good cry, it’ll actually be just as effective at reducing stress, as well as reducing our waistlines.

relationship, break up

But don’t think you can cheat the system.

While some people are able to cry on demand, and others might take up cutting more onions, those kinds of efforts are futile. It is only when real emotions are involved that the tears being released will also release the hormones that help us lose weight.

There is also an optimal crying time, which is between 7 and 10 pm.

So if you feel yourself getting emotional following a break up, or work stress, or whatever is troubling you, feel free to let it out and have a good cry. It will do wonders for your body.

May 24, 2019

Newly Married Woman Divorces “Cheap” Husband in Their Honeymoon

couple, divorce

A newly-married woman from the UAE recently filed for divorce from her husband, who she accused of being too cheap and making her pay for everything. 

Arabic newspaper Al Baiyan reports that the unnamed woman filed a case in the Personal Status Chamber at Abu Dhabi court, asking for a divorce from her Iranian husband, even though they were technically still in their honeymoon. She claims that the man, who is 13 years her junior, asked her to pay for everything, including groceries and bills for electricity and water. The scorned woman is apparently so determined to be rid of her husband that she agreed to waive all of her rights just to get the divorce.

The woman complained that her “cheap” husband specifically asked her to register all utility bills under her name, claiming that he had lost all of his personal documents. Her attorney told the court that the man even asked her to handle all the registration for services, while he had his personal documents processed.

"He didn’t spend a penny on this marriage,” the woman said, adding that even though she bought all the furniture in their house, instead of showing his appreciation, her husband started neglecting her.

She couldn’t stand it anymore and filed for divorce before their honeymoon was over. Compared to other blitz divorces we’ve featured in the past, this one actually came pretty late in the marriage.

Earlier this year we wrote about a couple who divorced 3 minutes after getting married, after the husband insulted his wife by calling her “stupid”.

There was also the case of a husband who divorced his bride 15 minutes after marrying her, because he couldn’t reach a dowry agreement with his father-in-law.

May 24, 2019

Billionaire Says His Wealth Can’t Replace Jesus, Reiterates Every Human is Broken

Philip Ng Chee Tat

The richest man in Singapore, Philip Ng Chee Tat, has said living without Jesus and focusing on material things is a sad way to live. The tycoon said he is an ardent Christian and prides himself in giving his life to Jesus Christ. 

During an interview with Belivers Portal, Philip also said all humans are broken and the piece that makes them whole is none other than Jesus. To him, everyone has a missing piece that once found, will make them whole.

“I have discovered all of us are broken, we all have a missing piece. For me, I discovered the missing piece was God in Jesus Christ,” the tycoon said.

To Philip, the only way to achieve happiness and live a fulfilling life is through recognising humans search for the wrong things.

"A better life, a better purpose, better me and a better everything. I was looking at all the wrong things," he added.

The wealthy developer said all his life, things did not make sense but his life took a turn when he discovered the love of God.

“It sure beats a lot of money and material things that you may have. It starts with accepting you are broken and there is a missing piece. For me, personally, that missing piece is our Lord Jesus Christ,” he remarked.

Philip is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Far East Organization Centre Pte. Ltd, Singapore’s largest closely held developer. Since 1986, the billionaire has been a consultant for Hong Kong and China projects of the Sino Group, with duties of planning and guiding development activities.

May 24, 2019

Drunk Man Throws Up Tumour, Gets Scared, Swallows it Back

tumor, fibroma

A 63-year-old man recently made news headlines in China for reportedly throwing up a tumor after a drinking session, then getting scared and swallowing it back.

The unnamed man from Hunchun County, in China’s Hubei Province, had allegedly been feeling discomfort in his throat for some time, but since it didn’t hinder his breathing or swallowing too much, he never sought medical attention.

However, last week, after having one too many drinks, the man started feeling nauseous. That was hardly unusual after a long drinking session, only this time, as he was getting ready to throw up, the 63-year-old felt a sharp pain in his lower throat followed by the disturbing presence of a large piece of meat in his mouth.

Strangely enough, the fleshy mass seemed to be attached to something, so the drunk man couldn’t just cough it out, so he did the next best thing – he chugged a glass of water and swallowed it back.

Luckily, the man had enough sense to actually see a doctor after this bizarre incident. After hearing his story and conducting an endoscopic exam, doctors at Wuhan Hospital discovered that the mysterious mass was a tumor growing at the top of his oesophagus.

The man had described the mass that popped up into his mouth when he threw up as a “long forked tongue” which makes sense, considering his tumor was 15-cm-long.

Doctors surgically removed the man’s tumor, which was later identified as a fibroma, to prevent any complications. Fibromas can grow on any organ and are generally benign, but depending on their location they can still cause health problems.

In this particular case, excessive growth could have made it difficult to swallow for the patient. The growth could also become malignant at some point, Chinese experts said.


May 24, 2019

Chinese Woman Tries to Eat Live Octopus on Camera, It Doesn’t Go Well

octopus, chinese, woman

A vlogger from China who live-streamed herself trying to eat a live Pacific octopus ended up screaming in pain after the marine creature used its suckers to attach itself to her face.

The young woman, who goes by “seaside girl Little Seven” on popular Chinese video platform Kuaishou, was allegedly planning to eat the octopus on camera, although the video begins with the creature already stuck to her face.

She can be heard calmly telling her fans “look how hard it’s sucking” before realizing that she can’t actually remove it without pulling on it really hard.

At one point, it looks like her left cheek might come off as she struggles to detach the octopus while screaming “painful” and “I can’t remove it”.

When the octopus finally lets go of her face, the Chinese vlogger notices that she’s actually missing a small piece of skin on her cheek, and says “My face is disfigured”.

Holding the octopus in her hand, she remembers the original plan for her video, telling her fans “I’ll eat it in the next video”.

According to National Geographic, the arms of an octopus are lined with hundreds of suckers which can be moved independently thanks to a complex network of neurons that acts as a brain. The suckers allow the animal touch, smell, and manipulate objects.

Cephalopod expert Jennifer Mather, PhD, a professor of psychology at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, told VICE News that an octopus can “anticipate a painful, difficult, stressful situation – they can remember it,” which may explain its behavior in the video.

It’s unclear whether “seaside girl Little Seven” wanted to eat the octopus, or purposely got it to stick to her face for views, but she got the attention she was looking for.

Her video quickly went viral in China, and has since been shared on western social media as well. The response hasn’t exactly been positive, though.

“She deserves it. She tried to eat the octopus and the octopus tried to eat her too,” one Weibo user commented.

“If I was an octopus trying to be eaten alive I would have done the same. Serves her right,” another person wrote.


Sunday, April 7, 2019

April 07, 2019

Man Claims Supervisor Bullied Him by Constantly Farting at Him

fart, farting

An Australian man who claimed his supervisor bullied him by farting at him several times a day has lost a multi-million dollar compensation claim.

David Hingst demanded his former employer, Construction Engineering, pay out $1.8million AUS (£980,000) in damages.

The engineer alleged that his former supervisor, Greg Short, repeatedly broke wind inside their windowless communal office, forcing him to move to a new office space.

The situation continued, however, as Mr Short would enter his new office and fart in his presence.

“He would fart behind me and walk away. He would do this five or six times a day,” Mr Hingst said.

“He thrusted his bum at me while he was at work.”

He claimed Mr Short's actions were intended to get rid of him, and said he suffered psychological damage.

court of appeal

A court previously heard that the claimant had called his boss 'Mr Stinky' and sprayed deodorant at him.

The state of Victoria's Court of Appeal upheld a previous ruling against the plaintiff and said that breaking wind at colleagues did not necessarily amount to bullying.

Mr Hingst claimed that his employer had bullied him by firing him in 2009, but the firm said the global economic downturn that year was responsible for the termination his employment.

The former engineer says he will now appeal the ruling to Australia's High Court.

By Neil Murphy, Mirror

Friday, April 5, 2019

April 05, 2019

Meet Yeon-woo Jhi, a South Korean Muscle Barbie

Yeon-woo Jhi

Yeon-woo Jhi is an IFBB Pro female bodybuilder with multiple major titles under her belt. The contrast between her cute, feminine face and impressively muscular body have also made her somewhat of an internet celebrity and earned her the nickname “Muscle Barbie”.

Looking at 34-year old Yeon-woo Jhi, it’s hard to imagine that she was once a skinny, frail girl suffering from panic disorder and struggling to overcome social phobia. But everything changed 14 years ago when she started going to a gym near her house, hoping to get stronger. She just wanted to stop feeling weak and never imagined that she would one day compete in major bodybuilding competitions, but as her strength and stamina increased, she got more passionate about fitness and eventually decided to show off her toned up physique on stage. Jhi won the first bodybuilding competition she ever entered, and that only inspired her to work harder. She went on to win the Arnold Classic Europe Amateur in 2013, and became a pro in 2015.

Yeon-woo Jhi

Yeon-woo Jhi has been competing in bodybuilding events for nearly a decade, but it was only a couple of years ago that she became a mainstream online celebrity. Photos of the muscular beauty went viral online and people just couldn’t get over the contrast between her cute, doll-like face and her brawny body.

“I started lifting weights 12 years ago. At first, it was just a simple hobby, but in 2010, I was challenged to participate in the Korean National Bodybuilding Competition. I placed first, so I continued to compete,” Yeon-woo Jhi said in a 2017 interview with Oxygen Magazine. “I was very skinny and weak before I started working out, but I really wanted to have big muscles.”

Yeon-woo Jhi’s unique look has made her very popular on Instagram, where she currently has over 130,000 followers and earned her TV appearances in her native South Korea.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

March 21, 2019

A Friend Took A Photo Of Her Spreading Her Dog’s Ashes- And It Caught

dog spirit

This just gave me chills all over.

When Ashley Lang reached the park to spread her beloved dog’s ashes, little did she know the universe was going to give her a special sign to remember her dog by.

Ashley, who lives in Chicago, had lost her beloved Golden Retriever and best friend, Wagner, when he was 12-years-old. She wanted to do something special for him, so she decided to spread his ashes in his favorite dog park.

Ashley reached the park and began spreading Wagner’s ashes. Her friend was taking photos of this moment when she noticed something incredible. One of the photos had captured what looked like a white silhouette of her dog.


“It’s pretty remarkable…the tail and the legs and he looks like he’s, you know, leaping to go up,” Lang told CBS Chicago. “Everyone keeps calling him the angel dog.”

All dogs are angels, and Wagner just gave Ashley proof that he was one too. We hope she frames this photo and keeps it for life, because it truly is something special.

By Oh My Pup
March 21, 2019

Woman Gets 20 Boyfriends To Buy Her Iphones, Then Sells Them To Buy A House

iphone, gold digger

One crafty female from China has performed the ultimate hustle to raise funds for a home deposit. The scheme involved a lady convincing her 20 boyfriends to buy her 20 new iPhone 7s, which she then sold for enough money to put a down payment on a house. Using the pseudonym Proud Qiaoba, a blogger gave a detailed description of how the hustle was performed by a colleague of hers, dubbed Xiaoli.

While the legitimacy of the story might sound dubious at first, the BBC reported it has been able to authenticate the claims.

Proud Qiaoba said she was utterly surprised when Xiaoli revealed she sold 20 iPhones to a mobile phone recycling plant for $A23,200 ($17,815) and then used that money for her house deposit.

“Everyone in the office is talking about this now,” Proud Qiaoba wrote in her blog, reports the BBC.

“Who knows what her boyfriends think now this news has become public.”

Proud Qiaoba said Xiaoli did not come from a wealthy family, so she had to think outside the box to raise the funds for a home.

“Her parents are getting old and she might be under a lot of pressure hoping to buy them a house,” she wrote.

“But it’s still unbelievable that she could use this method.”

house for sale

Making the feat even more impressive is the fact the iPhone 7 was only launched on Sept. 17 this year, which means Xiaoli hustled quickly.

Following the story, users on China’s microblogging site Sina Weibo have been expressing admiration for the smart cookie.

“I can’t even find one boyfriend. She can actually find 20 boyfriends at the same time and even get them to buy her an iPhone 7. Just want to ask her to teach me such skills,” wrote one user.

However, not all agree, with other users labeling her “shameless.”

It’s more than likely Xiaoli is not too bothered by the negative comments as she is busy moving into her new pad and juggling a roster of 20 boyfriends.

By Matthew Dunn,

Thursday, March 7, 2019

March 07, 2019

Guy Who Always Forgot His ID Card Has It Tattooed on Forearm

Nguyen Van Thien Dai

A young man from Vietnam allegedly had his ID card tattooed on his arm, because he always forgot it when going out drinking with his friends and couldn’t prove he was old enough to buy alcohol.

Photos of what looked like an ID card tattooed on someone’s forearm went viral on Vietnamese social media. The person who posted it claimed that a friend of theirs had had it done after becoming exasperated with failing ID checks at nightclubs. He almost always forgot his national identity card at home and couldn’t prove he was old enough to drink. To make sure he never got kicked out of nightclubs again, he decided to have his ID card tattooed on his forearm.

“The story is that my friend, who resides in Ho Chi Minh City likes to go out drinking with friends, but every time they are subject to administrative inspection. He often failed to prove his identity because he didn’t have his ID card on him, so he got kicked out. Exasperated, today he went to a tattoo shop to have it inked on his arm,” the person who posted the photos online wrote, according to Tinmoi.

People started sharing the photos on social media and they quickly went viral. People’s reactions were generally negative, with some claiming that such tattoos were somewhat ridiculous, and others saying that it was the ugliest, most stupid tattoo they had ever seen.

Personally, the first time I saw the photos, I was convinced the tattoo was fake, but then I did a bit more research and found an article quoting the tattoo artist who inked the tattoo. Apparently, he has been doing tattoos for a long time, but this was the first time someone asked him to tattoo their ID card.

Nguyen Van Thien Dai

The artist, Nguyen Van Thien Dai, added that he was quite surprised by the request, and advised the client against going ahead with his plan, but he insisted so he eventually gave in. The tattoo reportedly took an hour to complete.

A number of social media users bashed Mr Nguyen for the poor quality of the tattoo, and the artist admitted that it wasn’t his best work yet, explaining that he had done it freehand, so the lines aren’t exactly straight and the writing is skewed.

As for the practicality of getting your ID card tattooed on your arm to pass ID checks at bars and nightclubs, I’m not sure it’ll help…

By Oddity Central

Monday, March 4, 2019

March 04, 2019

Flat Earther Accidentally Prove That The Earth Has Curve

flat earth, flatearther

The Flat Earth movement is one that continues to astound everyone as they brazenly deny scientific proof with no tangible evidence of their own.

The latest embarrassment within the ranks comes courtesy of the documentary Behind The Curve which recently began streaming on Netflix. During the latter scenes of the film, a bunch of Flat Earthers set up an experiment that they claim will once again prove that the Earth is flat.

The science is pretty legitimate – they argue that if they line up a set of holes over a long distance and then shine a light through each of them, that if the Earth is flat then the light will be able to be seen through each of the holes. In what can only be described as a complete and utter joke, the guy behind the final hole has to hold the light way above his head in order for them to see it from the first one because – you guessed it – the Earth is flat.

After that the movie literally fades out with Flat Earther Jeran Campanella saying something like ‘that’s interesting – very interesting’ – sure he’ll figure out some bogus theory to explain it though sooner rather than later. 

Check out the footage below:

Sunday, March 3, 2019

March 03, 2019

Tai Chi Master ‘Who Can’t Be Hit’ Takes On MMA Fighter In Epic Fight

Tai Chi, MMA, Wei Lei

In modern society Tai Chi is promoted as a relaxing pastime, but as an ancient martial art can the discipline compare to modern combat sports?

To draw a definitive comparison self-proclaimed Tai Chi master Wei Lei went toe-to-toe with Chinese MMA fighter/coach Xu Xiaodong.

So how did the flowing movements stack up against raw punching power? You be the judge…

Well that was pretty conclusive.

Yes, as reported by the Daily Mail, Wei and his ‘thunder-style’ martial arts were entirely undone by a stumble.

One false step and he was on the floor with Xiaodong raining down hammer blows almost begrudgingly.

Wei commented to Legal Evening News after the fight:

He didn’t hit me when I was standing. I only got hit when I fell on the floor, and I didn’t get hurt.

Some might argue the MMA fighter’s superior footing and higher aggression exposed his opponent’s lack of stability, Wei probably isn’t one of those people.

Xiaodong, AKA ‘Mad Man’, looks set to continue his crusade against traditional martial arts with this victory certainly lending weight to the idea that MMA is more effective in modern combat.

What do you guys think?

March 03, 2019

Flat Earthers Accidentally Prove That The Earth Is Round On Netflix Documentary

flat earther, flat earth

Flat Earthers believe that the world is a giant flat disc ringed by an ice wall.

They dismiss all those models of a round Earth that perfectly explain seasons, eclipses, sunrises and sunsets.

One group so sure that this was a global conspiracy even went to the great length of making a documentary on it, only to disprove their own theory.

At the end of the documentary now streaming on Netflix, Jeran Campanella, who co-hosts a flat-earther YouTube channel, conducted an experiment with a torch.

Documentarian Daniel J. Clark interviews flat earthers and lets them tell their version of reality — but also speaks to astrophysicists and psychologists who efficiently debunk their beliefs and explain how people might have come to hold them.

Twice in Behind the Curve, experiments show the opposite of what Flat Earth advocates hope to demonstrate, with one experiment, involving a flashlight, serving as the ending.

March 03, 2019

Town Officials Seize Family Dog in Germany Over Unpaid Taxes, Sell it on eBay

pub, dog

Municipality officials in a town in Germany have seized a family's dog over their unpaid taxes owed to the city and have sold the animal on an online shopping platform, media reports said Thursday.

According to German media, officials in Ahlen in North Rhine-Westphalia seized the dog, a pug named Edda, as the most valuable item in the house, the BCC reported.

The dog was sold via eBay in December to a woman named Michaela Jordan for 750 euros ($857) with a relatively lower price for a pedigree dog. Suspicious of the low price, Jordan, a police officer, called the contact number on the sale page on the online shopping site.

Jordan told the Ahlener Tageblatt, a local newspaper that first reported the case, she spoke with an employee from the Ahlen administration who explained that the dog was seized because the owner owed the city money, including unpaid dog tax.

The dog was said to be in good health when he was put up for sale on eBay, said Jordan, however, it turned out that he had medical problems which had not been disclosed by the officials.

The former owner of the dog told the Ahlener Tageblatt that the officials first considered seizing the wheelchair belonging to her disabled husband, but since it was not their property and belonged to an employee insurance association, they took the dog as the most valuable possession.

"How it all ended, that was absolutely not okay," she said, adding, "even though the seizure was legal."

By Daily Sabah

Friday, March 1, 2019

March 01, 2019

Video Of Mother Hand-Feeding 13-Year Old Son At Internet Cafe As He Games For Days Straight


This is a video of 37-year old mother Lilybeth Marvel going to hand-feed her son Carlito breakfast at an internet cafe in Nueva Ecija, the Philippines, as he plays his favorite battle royale style video game,  Rules Of Survival, which, at this point, he's been playing for over 48 hours straight. Some more info while I wonder why his mother didn't teach him the REAL first rule of survival: if you don't stop playing video games long enough to eat, you're going to starve to death:

After the footage went viral, the mother took to the internet to explain that she and her husband had tried a rough approach at first, by banning Carlito from going to the internet cafe. That didn't work out as well as they had hoped, as the 13-year-old always found ways to sneak out, so now they're trying to do things differently.

"I used to just nag about his online games. But that didn't work. So I'm trying a different approach," the woman said. "I try to make him feel that whatever is happening in his life, I am his mother who loves him and takes care of him."

The two desperate parents have pulled Carlito out of school, because he had started skipping classes to play video games. They are trying to focus on managing his addiction, but admit that it is very difficult and have pleaded online for help.

Well that was a whole family-sized microwavable dinner of depressing. So what is the answer here? Like, what will actually work? I know you're used to me having all the answers on account of my keen intellect and devilish good looks, but I'm actually at a loss here. "Call Ralph, demand he breaks the internet again." *mind is blown, reforms like a star being born, is blown again* My God you're good.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

February 28, 2019

South African Pastor Alph Lukau Raises Dead Man

Alph Lukau, dead

South Africa based pastor Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries International claims to have resurrected a man who he says had been dead for three days.

A woman who claims to be the resurrected man’s landlord said the man died on Friday in her hands after a cough.

Lakau begins to pray for the body, which reportedly came straight from the mortuary, prompting the man to sit up in the coffin with his mouth and eyes wide open.

“He got sick and started coughing a lot on Friday and then we took him to the hospital… that is where he died in my hands,” she says.

The body of the man, named Elliot, is said to have been kept at the mortuary following his death.

After Lakau begins to pray and when he shouts “rise up”, the man in the coffin sits up with his mouth and eyes wide open.

Meanwhile, Kings and Queens Funeral Services has distanced itself from the stunt. The company says it only provided the hearse for transportation.

“We were approached by alleged family members of the deceased who informed us they had encountered a dispute with a different funeral service provider and would like to use our transport services which we offered them.

“We did not supply the coffin neither did we store the deceased at our mortuary and no paperwork was processed by Kings and Queens Funerals. As a Funeral Services Provider we do not offer services without documentation neither do we repatriate bodies without any paperwork” reads part of the statement issued by the company.

Watch the video below. Is the ‘resurrection’ real or fake? Share your views in the comment section below.

The funeral parlour has also threatened to take legal action against Pastor Alph Lukau and his church for the “malicious damage” to the company’s image.

BY Sibu M. MokoenaMalawi24

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

February 27, 2019

Momo Challenge: What Parents Need to Know

momo challenge

There is a new dangerous and creepy challenge spreading across social media. The “Momo Challenge”, or the “Momo Suicide Challenge”, encourages kids to hurt others, themselves, and eventually to take their own lives.

The challenge has allegedly been the linked to the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina (ANI, 2018). It was reported that she was communicating with the Momo social media account right before she filmed her suicide.

What is the Momo challenge?

Momo is social media account that can be found on Facebook, YouTube and Whatsapp. When a person interacts with the account, they begin to receive pictures of Momo, a terrifying image of a bug-eyed toothless woman. Momo responds almost immediately with threatening messages and violent images to the user. “She” says that she knows personal things about the user and uses fear and threats to challenge the user.

Momo starts with simple challenges like waking up at odd hours of the night or overcoming a fear; then the challenges take on a very sinister turn, such as asking you to post photos or videos of cutting your arms or legs, jumping off of a roof, or other dangerous and risky activities.

As the challenges intensify, the last thing Momo pressures you to do is to commit suicide. If the user fails to accept or pass any of the challenges, Momo sends even more threatening and violent images and texts until the user is coerced into doing the challenge. If none of these pressuring tactics work, Momo threatens to visit you in person, or while you’re sleeping and curse you. This can be terrifying to young kids and teens. Others have reported that when they called Momo for a challenge, they heard screams in the background or other creepy noises (Foster, 2018).

Why are kids choosing to do this Challenge?

There are many reasons; first and foremost the Momo challenge preys on the vulnerability of our kids. The kids most at risk are those who suffer from depression, anxiety and low self esteem. They may be targeted by other kids to interact with the Momo account as a form of cyberbullying and they do not possess the coping skills to deal with the pressure–both from the challenges and from the bullies.

This challenge is especially dangerous because of the immaturity of children and teens; their brains are still actively developing and going through immense changes. They are much more susceptible to peer pressure and feel an intense desire to keep up with their peers or prove themselves. Teenagers are often curious and can feel as if they are unstoppable; they will engage in risky behavior for attention, to gain popularity, and just for the “thrill of it”.

momo challenge

What can you do?

Talk to your kids about the Momo Challenge. Ask them if they know what it is. Have they heard of it? Have they tried it? If they don’t know about it, share the dangers associated with the challenge. Discuss a plan that includes what they can do if they receive a message with the Momo Challenge.

Check your child’s phone/ Ipod/computer regularly. The Momo challenge is not the first challenge to encourage kids to participate in dangerous activities (the Slenderman and the Bluewhale challenge are similar challenges that were popular several years ago), and it will not be the last. If your child or teen is engaging in the Momo Challenge, or any other similar challenge, they will probably not volunteer that information to you. Remember you are your child’s greatest protector and you have every right to know the apps your child is using and have every right to check their electronic devices.

Take social media seriously, do not downplay its power in our kids lives. Social media can be a means of building friendships and connecting but it is also where most of our kids are bullied, lose confidence, feel isolated, and are exposed to porn and other unhealthy media. Even if they aren’t sure what the Momo Challenge is, they may come upon this in the future, or other bizarre or dangerous “challenges.” Educating our kids will empower them to stay away from challenges such as this, and even encourage them to help their friends.

Keep your relationship with your kids strong and solid. Spend time with them daily, allow them to talk with you about their interests, their friends and their fears. Keep the flow of communication open and consistent. Make sure they know and feel how much you love them.

Have a social media contract with your kids! If your child is on social media, they need guidance and accountability. Knowing what is appropriate to share, what photos to post, and how to respond to other’s social media postings takes practice–and parents are the right people to set an example and teach their kids. Check out our free, downloadable ebook: Social Media and Teens: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Kids Safe Online. It includes a social media contract at the end!

By Mary Bassett,

Sunday, February 24, 2019

February 24, 2019

Woman Who Always Set Phone’s Screen Brightness to Max Ends Up with 500 Tiny Holes on Her Cornea

eye disease

A young woman from Taiwan who had been using her smartphone at maximum screen brightness for two years ended up with serious damage to her left eye, including around 500 small holes on her cornea.

The 25-year-old woman, surnamed Chen, works as a secretary, a job that requires her to frequently check her phone and respond to work-related messages as soon as possible. A few years ago, Chen discovered that by setting the screen brightness on her smartphone to maximum, she was able to easily read her messages even in bright sunlight. Her mistake was keeping that brightness level at all times, even when watching her favorite drama series on her phone for several hours at a time, with the light off. She got used to her ultra-bright screen, but her eyes did not, and in March of last year she started experiencing discomfort.

Chen would often wake up with bloodshot eyes and suffer from blurred vision throughout the day, but she didn’t seek medical help right away. Instead, she decided to treat her symptoms with artificial tears, which didn’t seem to help much. It wasn’t until four months later, when her condition worsened and she started experiencing stinging in her left eye, that she finally consulted an ophthalmologist.

During the initial checkup, Hong Qiting, a professor of ophthalmology at the Pingtung Fuying University of Science and Technology, found that the blood vessels in Chen’s eyes were congested, and a subsequent examination revealed around 500 tiny holes on her left cornea. Her vision was severely effected by that point, so the doctor started treating her with steroids and after three days her condition began to improve.

Prof. Hong told Apple Daily that the young woman’s smartphone screen had a brightness of around 625 lumens, considerably more than the recommended 300 lumens, adding that staring at such bright light for hours on end, especially in a dark room, can result in corneal burns, which affect vision over time. He recommends either using the phone’s automatic brightness setting, which adjusts brightness according to environmental light, or manually setting it to around 250 lumens.

By Oddity Central

Thursday, February 21, 2019

February 21, 2019

Jay-Z: ‘Jesus Is Fake News; Lucifer Is Way Of Truth And Light’

Jay-Z, satanist, lucifer

“Jesus Christ is the original fake news,” according to Jay-Z, who claims “Jesus never walked the earth, y’all being played” and “the idea of Jesus is just a tool used by smart people to control dumb people.”

Going as far as to claim “Lucifer is the way of truth and light“, Jay-Z also credited his self-described “new humility and maturity” to “fully embracing my older bother, Lucifer.”

During an backstage rant at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans on Friday, Jay-Z also claimed Satanism has “gotten a bad rap” due to “mentally challenged Christians and their desire to be slaves,” but Satanism is actually “the highest form of being.”

“There is real spirituality and guidance in the Church of Satan that you just don’t get in Christianity, because Christianity is a fake religion, built by assholes,” Jay-Z said. “Hands up, how many Christians here have prayed to God for years and aint gotten nothing back, just silence and emptiness? Be honest. It’s OK.”

As the small crowd of ticket winners began to murmur nervously, Jay-Z announced, “I can answer for y’all because I am free. Because I recognized Jesus is the original fake news, designed to enslave humanity.“

“I’m telling you this because I know you guys look up to me and want to emulate me. I will give you this one guarantee, if you start following the doctrine of Lucifer, you will taste success. The secret of the universe opens up to you. It is immediate and glorious.”

The 99 Problems rapper also hinted at his Satanic beliefs onstage, telling audiences to ignore the rules of the venue and the security staff trying to enforce them. Instead of respecting the rules, Jay-Z instructed his audience to “Do what thou wilt“.

Jay-Z, satanist, lucifer

It has long been known that Jay-Z is a follower of Aleister Crowley, the English occultist and founder of the Satanic religion Thelema.

The religion is founded upon the idea that the 20th century marked the beginning of the Aeon of Horus, in which a new ethical code would be followed; “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law“. This statement indicates that adherents, who are known as Thelemites, should seek out and follow their own true path in life, known as their True Will.

Jay-Z’s Satanic preaching is merely the latest in a long line of public dalliances the rapper has shared with the dark side. After starting his career as an aspirational rapper, he reinvented his image as a dark lord, flashing Satanic hand gestures and promoting Illuminati symbolism as he rode to the top of the rap game.

Since establishing himself in the global consciousness as a Devil-worshipping entertainer, Jay-Z has attempted to tone down his dark image, however the disturbing conversation he held in New Orleans suggests he is far from a reformed character, and he has openly embraced the darkest forces in our society.

The incident has also sparked fears around the world that the Illuminati have moved onto the next phase of the masterplan, and have begun openly promoting dark spirituality as a viable religious choice for those seeking guidance.