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November 11, 2018

Infamous Philippines Pastor Made Another Claim, Now He Owns All Gold Reserves Of USA And Germany

quiboloy, cult leader, false preacher

After he claimed that he traveled the solar system, Philippines Pastor Apollo Quiboloy from the Philippines made another claim when he said he owns all the gold reserves of the United States and Germany.


Every country has gold reserves that are backing up their economy.

 The world's largest gold is the United States.

 8000 metric tons of gold is in the USA.

Second is Germany,

Germany, with more than 5000 metric tons of gold.

I owned that all.




I Am The Son Of God:

List of Quiboloy's claims:

1. I am now the owner of the earth, I am now the owner of the world.

2. I am the owner of all souls on earth.

3. I defeated Lucifer in my Kingdom.

4. The Father (God) did not adopt their names, their names of there denominations or religion, it's manmade. He (God) adopted my name and He (God) made it his own new name.

5. I'm not really that handsome but my standard is very high if I want to marry. If I ever see something, even a little detail in your face that I do not like, I will turn my back to you. Example, when we are talking and there is a hair sticking out of your nose, you're done for.

6. An angel visits me, and he said your name now is my name. purely.

7. God gave me His name and He took my name as His new.

8. The Third Testament, which is the Book of Fulfilment, is directed to the Appointed Son ( ME ) who is the NEW OWNER OF THE WORLD.

9. He travelled the solar system.

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November 10, 2018

Philippines Pastor Claims God Used His Name As God’s New Name

apollo quiboloy, cult leader, son of God

Philippines pastor Apollo Quiboloy and the founder of Kingdom of Jesus Christ claimed that he is the Appointed Son of God and God used his name.

Apollo Quiboloy is the founder and leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name Above Every Name (KJC), a Philippines-based Oneness Restorationist sect. Quiboloy was the former youth president of the National Assembly of United Pentecostal Church in the Philippines, a Oneness Pentecostal denomination. Quiboloy claims that God the Father sent him to Mt. Kitbog in Malalag, Cogon, South Cotabato, in Mindanao, where the Father spoke to him and showed him many miracles for one year to convince him of his calling. After this period of revelation and faith-building, Quiboloy was finally convinced that it was God who called him.

Apollo Quiboloy teaches that the first man, Adam, was created with a body and a soul but without a spirit. The completion of God’s creation of man is the putting of His Spirit within him. But before God could do that for Adam, the devil implanted his spirit within man. This spirit of the devil is what Quiboloy calls the “serpent seed.” This serpent seed drove Adam and all his posterity to disobey God. Humans were children of the devil, and they could do nothing about it. Only God the Father can solve this spiritual problem—not religion, and not denominations.

Quiboloy teaches that “the Christ in the Jewish setting” was unable to complete the work of salvation. Jesus was sent by God the Father to the Jews but was only able to “touch” the work of dislodging the serpent seed within man as His message was misunderstood and rejected by the Jews. What Christ started He was not able to finish. The Jews’ rejection of Christ as their Savior from the serpent seed is why God raised up Quiboloy. He is now the “chosen one” who will dislodge the serpent seed from those who believe in his message. God has made Quiboloy “the Christ in the Gentile setting.” Quiboloy asserts that all the claims of the biblical Christ can be applied to himself. For example, Quiboloy claims that He is also “the way the truth and the life” and that “no one comes to the Father except through [Quiboloy]” (John 14:6).

Apollo Quiboloy exalts himself above all other men. He declares that, of all the members of the Adamic race who have inherited the serpent seed, he is the only one able to pass God’s test by fully surrendering his will to Him. Quiboloy claims to be without sin and no longer able to sin, although still has knowledge of good and evil. He claims to be the first member of Adamic race in the Gentile setting to have a living relationship with the Father. According to Quiboloy, God the Father has implanted within him His seed, and he has become the “seed” of Jesus Christ. Quiboloy is therefore God’s example of obedience, commitment, and dedication who must be emulated by all men. According to Quiboloy, he is the most righteous person living on earth today.


Quiboloy claims that, after five years of germinating the seed of Jesus Christ in him, God called him as His Son. God finally said to Quiboloy, “I’ll send you to the world. My children are waiting. You don’t know them. They don’t know you. But when they hear your voice, they will listen to you because my sheep know my voice. You will be my audible voice in the world.”

Oddly, Quiboloy also believes that the Father and the Son reside in his body and that he is the embodiment and culmination of all the revelations of God. In an effort to validate his claim to be the Son of God, Quiboloy built a compound in Mt. Tamayong, Davao City, that he calls “the New Jerusalem.” He claims that this is the New Jerusalem mentioned in the book of Revelation and that he is the King of kings reigning there. Quiboloy envisions that this compound will become the seat of the world government, and he anticipates ruling the whole world one day. For this reason, he is pro-active in endorsing politicians and in vocalizing his opinion on politics. He once prophesied that a presidential aspirant by the name of Giberto Teodoro would win the 2010 presidential elections, but he (and the prophecy) failed.


Apollo Quiboloy calls his “church” the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name Above Every Name. The organization has upwards of 6 million members, mostly in the Philippines. Quiboloy also runs the Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI), a television network that regularly airs his preaching. His teachings are also heard on more than 15 radio stations all over the Philippines. Quiboloy trains his workers in his ACQ College of Ministries and acts as president of Jose Maria College. His sect also runs an orphanage called the Children’s Joy Foundation.

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November 10, 2018

VIDEO: Scientific Facts Found In The Bible

Scientific Facts In The Bible

The following are the predictions or Scientific Facts & Foreknowledge found in the Bible.

-Long time ago when technology has not yet existed people thought that the earth was flat, shapeless or ever expanding. But in (Job 26:7) it says, "He hangs the earth on nothing." and in (isaiah 40:42) ''circle of the earth''. Only recently when the technology has advanced, the scientists discovered that the earth free-floats in space, affected only by gravity. While other sources declared the earth sat on the back of an elephant or turtle, or was held up by Atlas, the Bible alone states what we now know to be true .

-There are mountains on the bottom of the ocean floor (Jonah 2:5-6). Only in the last century have we discovered that there are towering mountains and deep trenches in the depths of the sea.

-Incalculable number of stars (Jeremiah 33:22). At a time when less than 5,000 stars were visible to the human eye, God stated that the stars of heaven were innumerable. Not until the 17th century did Galileo glimpse the immensity of our universe with his new telescope. Today, astronomers estimate that there are ten thousand billion trillion stars - that's a 1 followed by 25 zeros! Yet, as the Bible states, scientists admit this number may be woefully inadequate.

-The number of stars, though vast, are finite (Isaiah 40:26). Although man is unable to calculate the exact number of stars, we now know their number is finite. Of course God knew this all along - "He counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name" (Psalm 147:4). What an awesome God!

-The Bible compares the number of stars with the number of grains of sand on the seashore (Genesis 22:17; Hebrews 11:12). Amazingly, gross estimates of the number of sand grains are comparable to the estimated number of stars in the universe.

-God has created all mankind from one blood (Acts 17:26; Genesis 5). Today researchers have discovered that we have all descended from one gene pool. For example, a 1995 study of a section of Y chromosomes from 38 men from different ethnic groups around the world was consistent with the biblical teaching that we all come from one man (Adam)

-Origin of the major language groups explained (Genesis 11). After the rebellion at Babel, God scattered the people by confounding the one language into many languages. Evolution teaches that we all evolved from a common ancestor, yet offers no mechanism to explain the origin of the thousands of diverse languages in existence today.

-Origin of the different "races" explained (Genesis 11). As Noah's descendants migrated around the world after Babel, each language group developed distinct features based on environment and genetic variation. Those with a genetic makeup suitable to their new environment survived to reproduce. Over time, certain traits (such as dark skin color for those closer to the equator) dominated. Genesis alone offers a reasonable answer to the origin of the races and languages.

-Laughter promotes physical healing (Proverbs 17:22). Recent studies confirm what King Solomon was inspired to write 3,000 years ago, "A merry heart does good, like medicine." For instance, laughter reduces levels of certain stress hormones. This brings balance to the immune system, which helps your body fight off disease.

-Intense sorrow or stress is harmful to your health (Proverbs 18:14; Mark 14:34). Researchers have studied individuals with no prior medical problems who showed symptoms of stress cardiomyopathy including chest pain, difficulty breathing, low blood pressure, and even heart failure - following a stressful incident.

-God has given us the leaves of the trees as medicine (Ezekiel 47:12; Revelation 22:2). Ancient cultures utilized many herbal remedies. Today, modern medicine has rediscovered what the Bible has said all along - there are healing compounds found in plants.

-Healthy dietary laws (Leviticus 11:9-12). Scripture states that we should avoid those sea creatures which do not have fins or scales. We now know that bottom-feeders (those with no scales or fins) tend to consume waste and are likely to carry disease.

-Olive oil and wine useful on wounds (Luke 10:34). Jesus told of a Samaritan man, who when he came upon a wounded traveler, he bandaged him - pouring upon his wounds olive oil and wine. Today we know that wine contains ethyl alcohol and traces of methyl alcohol. Both are good disinfectants. Olive oil is also a good disinfectant, as well as a skin moisturizer, protector, and soothing lotion. This is common knowledge to us today. However, did you know that during the Middle Ages and right up till the early 20th century, millions died because they did not know to treat and protect open wounds?

-The fact that God once flooded the earth (the Noahic Flood) would be denied (2 Peter 3:5-6). There is a mass of fossil evidence to prove this fact, yet it is flatly ignored by most of the scientific world because it was God's judgment on man's wickedness.

-Vast fossil deposits anticipated (Genesis 7). When plants and animals die they decompose rapidly. Yet billions of life forms around the globe have been preserved as fossils. Geologists now know that fossils only form if there is rapid deposition of life buried away from scavengers and bacteria. This agrees exactly with what the Bible says occurred during the global Flood.

-The continents were created as one large land mass (Genesis 1:9-10). Many geologists agree there is strong evidence that the earth was originally one super continent - just as the Bible said way back in Genesis.

-Continental drift inferred (Genesis 7:11). Today the study of the ocean floor indicates that the landmasses have been ripped apart. Scripture states that during the global Flood the "fountains of the great deep were broken up." This cataclysmic event apparently resulted in the continental plates breaking and shifting.

-Medical quarantine instituted (Leviticus 13:45-46; Numbers 5:1-4). Long before man understood the principles of quarantine, God commanded the Israelites to isolate those with a contagious disease until cured.

-Each star is unique (1 Corinthians 15:41). Centuries before the advent of the telescope, the Bible declared what only God and the angels knew - each star varies in size and intensity!

-Ice Age inferred (Job 38:29-30). Prior to the global Flood the earth was apparently subtropical. However shortly after the Flood, the Bible mentions ice often

-"By the breath of God ice is given, and the broad waters are frozen" (Job 37:10). Evidently the Ice Age occurred in the centuries following the Flood.

-Life begins at fertilization (Jeremiah 1:5). God declares that He knew us before we were born. The biblical penalty for murdering an unborn child was death (Exodus 21:22-23). Today, it is an irrefutable biological fact that the fertilized egg is truly an entire human being. Nothing will be added to the first cell except nutrition and oxygen.

-God fashions and knits us together in the womb (Job 10:8-12; 31:15). Science was ignorant concerning embryonic development until recently. Yet many centuries ago, the Bible accurately described God making us an "intricate unity" in the womb.

-DNA anticipated (Psalm 139:13-16). During the 1950s, Watson and Crick discovered the genetic blueprint for life. Three thousand years ago the Bible seems to reference this written digital code in Psalm 139 - "Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect [unformed]; and in Thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them."

-Incest laws established (Leviticus 18:6). To marry near of kin in the ancient world was common. Yet, beginning about 1500 B.C., God forbid this practice. The reason is simple - the genetic mutations (resulting from the curse) had a cumulative effect. Though Cain could safely marry his sister because the genetic pool was still relatively pure at that time, by Moses' day the genetic errors had swelled. Today, geneticists confirm that the risk of passing on a genetic abnormality to your child is much greater if you marry a close relative because relatives are more likely to carry the same defective gene. If they procreate, their offspring are more apt to have this defect expressed.

- Circumcision on the eighth day is ideal (Genesis 17:12; Leviticus 12:3; Luke 1:59). Medical science has discovered that the blood clotting chemical prothrombin peaks in a newborn on the eighth day. This is therefore the safest day to circumcise a baby. How did Moses know?!

-God has given us just the right amount of water to sustain life (Isaiah 40:12). We now recognize that if there was significantly more or less water, the earth would not support life as we know it.

-The earth was designed for biological life (Isaiah 45:18). Scientists have discovered that the most fundamental characteristics of our earth and cosmos are so finely tuned that if just one of them were even slightly different, life as we know it couldn't exist. This is called the Anthropic Principle and it agrees with the Bible which states that God formed the earth to be inhabited.

-The universe is expanding (Job 9:8; Isaiah 42:5; Jeremiah 51:15; Zechariah 12:1). Repeatedly God declares that He stretches out the heavens. During the early 20th century, most scientists (including Einstein) believed the universe was static. Others believed it should have collapsed due to gravity. Then in 1929, astronomer Edwin Hubble showed that distant galaxies were receding from the earth, and the further away they were, the faster they were moving. This discovery revolutionized the field of astronomy. Eisntein admitted his mistake, and today most astronomers agree with what the Creator told us millennia ago - the universe is expanding!

Scientific Facts In The Bible

-Law of Biogenesis explained (Genesis 1). Scientists observe that life only comes from existing life. This law has never been violated under observation or experimentation (as evolution imagines). Therefore life, God's life, created all life.

- Light travels in a path (Job 38:19). Light is said to have a "way" [Hebrew: derek, literally a traveled path or road]. Until the 17th century it was believed that light was transmitted instantaneously. We now know that light is a form of energy that travels at ~186,000 miles per second in a straight line. Indeed, there is a "way" of light.

-Air has weight (Job 28:25). It was once thought that air was weightless. Yet 4,000 years ago Job declared that God established "a weight for the wind." In recent years, meteorologists have calculated that the average thunderstorm holds thousands of tons of rain. To carry this load, air must have mass.

-Jet stream anticipated (Ecclesiates 1:6). At a time when it was thought that winds blew straight, the Bible declares "The wind goes toward the south, and turns around to the north; The wind whirls about continually, and comes again on its circuit." King Solomon wrote this 3,000 years ago. Now consider this: it was not until World War II that airmen discovered the jet stream circuit.

-Creation is made of particles, indiscernible to our eyes (Hebrews 11:3). Not until the 19th century was it discovered that all visible matter consists of invisible elements.

-Soil conservation (Leviticus 23:22). Not only was the land to lay fallow every seventh year, but God also instructed farmers to leave the gleanings when reaping their fields, and not to reap the corners (sides) of their fields. This served several purposes: 1) Vital soil minerals would be maintained. 2) The hedge row would limit wind erosion. 3) The poor could eat the gleanings. Today, approximately four billion metric tons of soil are lost from U.S. crop lands each year. Much of this soil depletion could be avoided if God's commands were followed.

-The Bible specifies the perfect dimensions for a stable water vessel (Genesis 6:15). Ship builders today are well aware that the ideal dimension for ship stability is a length six times that of the width. Keep in mind, God told Noah the ideal dimensions for the ark 4,500 years ago.

-When dealing with disease, clothes and body should be washed under running water (Leviticus 15:13). For centuries people naively washed in standing water. Today we recognize the need to wash away germs with fresh water.

-Sanitation industry birthed (Deuteronomy 23:12-13). Some 3,500 years ago God commanded His people to have a place outside the camp where they could relieve themselves. They were to each carry a shovel so that they could dig a hole (latrine) and cover their waste. Up until World War I, more soldiers died from disease than war because they did not isolate human waste.

-Oceans contain springs (Job 38:16). The ocean is very deep. Almost all the ocean floor is in total darkness and the pressure there is enormous. It would have been impossible for Job to have explored the "springs of the sea." Until recently, it was thought that oceans were fed only by rivers and rain. Yet in the 1970s, with the help of deep diving research submarines that were constructed to withstand 6,000 pounds-per-square-inch pressure, oceanographers discovered springs on the ocean floors!

-Joy and gladness understood (Acts 14:17). Evolution cannot explain emotions. Matter and energy do not feel. Scripture explains that God places gladness in our hearts (Psalm 4:7), and ultimate joy is found only in our Creator's presence - "in Your presence is fullness of joy" (Psalm 16:11).

-Blood is the source of life and health (Leviticus 17:11; 14). Up until 120 years ago, sick people were "bled" and many died as a result (e.g. George Washington). Today we know that healthy blood is necessary to bring life-giving nutrients to every cell in the body. God declared that "the life of the flesh is in the blood" long before science understood its function.

-The Bible states that God created life according to kinds (Genesis 1:24). The fact that God distinguishes kinds, agrees with what scientists observe - namely that there are horizontal genetic boundaries beyond which life cannot vary. Life produces after its own kind. Dogs produce dogs, cats produce cats, roses produce roses. Never have we witnessed one kind changing into another kind as evolution supposes. There are truly natural limits to biological change.

-Noble behavior understood (John 15:13; Romans 5:7-8). The Bible and history reveal that countless people have endangered or even sacrificed their lives for another. This reality is completely at odds with Darwin's theory of the survival of the fittest.

-Chicken or egg dilemma solved (Genesis 1:20-22). Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This question has plagued philosophers for centuries. The Bible states that God created birds with the ability to reproduce after their kind. Therefore the chicken was created first with the ability to make eggs! Yet, evolution has no solution for this dilemma.

-Our bodies are made from the dust of the ground (Genesis 2:7; 3:19). Scientists have discovered that the human body is comprised of some 28 base and trace elements - all of which are found in the earth.

-The First Law of Thermodynamics established (Genesis 2:1-2). The First Law states that the total quantity of energy and matter in the universe is a constant. One form of energy or matter may be converted into another, but the total quantity always remains the same. Therefore the creation is finished, exactly as God said way back in Genesis.

-The first three verses of Genesis accurately express all known aspects of the creation (Genesis 1:1-3). Science expresses the universe in terms of: time, space, matter, and energy. In Genesis chapter one we read: "In the beginning (time) God created the heavens (space) and the earth (matter)...Then God said, "Let there be light (energy)." No other creation account agrees with the observable evidence.

-The universe had a beginning (Genesis 1:1; Hebrews 1:10-12). Starting with the studies of Albert Einstein in the early 1900s and continuing today, science has confirmed the biblical view that the universe had a beginning. When the Bible was written most people believed the universe was eternal. Science has proven them wrong, but the Bible correct.

-Scripture assumes a revolving (spherical) earth (Luke 17:34-36). Jesus said that at His return some would be asleep at night while others would be working at day time activities in the field. This is a clear indication of a revolving earth, with day and night occurring simultaneously.


-Origin of the rainbow explained (Genesis 9:13-16). Prior to the Flood there was a different environment on the earth (Genesis 2:5-6). After the Flood, God set His rainbow "in the cloud" as a sign that He would never again judge the earth by water. Meteorologists now understand that a rainbow is formed when the sun shines through water droplets - which act as a prism - separating white light into its color spectrum.

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November 09, 2018

Chinese Company Makes Employees Eat Cockroaches And Drink Urine

Chinese, cruel, eating cockroach, drink urine

Chinese Company Comes Under Fire for Making Employees Eat Cockroaches

Three managers of a home improvement firm in Zunyi, China, were recently arrested for subjecting employees to extreme punishment, including forcing them to eat cockroaches, for not meeting their sales goals.

The arrests came after an employee of the unnamed company took to social media to complain about the humiliating punishments he and his colleagues were being subjected to by management for failing to meat their goals. His post included a video of a topless man standing in a center of a room and being whipped with a belt by his boss, while his workmates watched. Footage also shows people drinking cups of yellow liquid which some have alleged is urine. The video was later deleted, but screenshots started circulating online, and the police were notified about the troubling punishments.

“If the sales goal has not been met by the end of this month, the team leader will have to eat three cockroaches for each failed sale,” one of the threatening text messages sent by managers and published by local newspaper Zunyi Yaowen read. Other text messages revealed several cruel punishments devised by the firm’s managers, including drinking vinegar or toilet water, selling condoms and sanitary pads on the street and having their head shaved.

Chinese, cruel, eating cockroach, drink urine

While most social media users declared themselves shocked and horrified by these revelations, others simply asked why employees didn’t simply quit and looked for jobs elsewhere. However, a member of the company’s staff told Pear Video that many employees were owed two months’ pay, and management had already threatened to reduce their severance pay if they dared quit.

According to a statement posted by Zunyi police on Weibo, two of the managers have been jailed for 10 days, while a third manager will spend five days behind bars.

This isn’t the first time that such cruel punishments made headlines in China. A few years ago, photos of staff at a Zhengzhou company forced to crawl on their knees in public for failing to reach their sales goals went viral online.

By Oddity Central

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November 08, 2018

69-year-old Dutch Demands To Have Age Legally Reduced To 49 To Boost Dating Prospects On Tinder

Emile Ratelband

A 69-year-old Dutch man has filed a lawsuit to legally change his age to 49 to boost his dating prospects. Emile Ratelband argued that if one can change their name and gender legally, why not their age?

Ratelband, 69, who is a famous motivational speaker and media personality in the Netherlands, wants to shift his birthday from 11 March, 1949 to 11 March, 1969, reported BBC. He is suing his local authority after it refused to amend his age on official documents.

“When I'm 69, I am limited. If I'm 49, then I can buy a new house, drive a different car. I can take up more work. When I'm on Tinder and it says I'm 69, I don't get an answer. When I'm 49, with the face I have, I will be in a luxurious position," Ratelband told Express UK.

He gave the example of trans people stating that if they can change the gender in a birth certificate, then changing the age should also be allowed. “Trans people can now have their gender changed on their birth certificate, and in the same spirit there should be room for an age change,” he said.

Calling himself a "young god" he claimed that the doctors agree that he has a body of a 45-year-old, reported BBC. He also mentioned that he would give up his pension if his age is changed.

Emile Ratelband

Ratelband claimed that he is being discriminated against because of his age and that no one wants to hire a pensioner as a consultant, reported The Mirror.

A local court in the city of Arnhem, in the eastern Dutch provice of Gelderland, is expected to rule on the case within four weeks.

By First Post
Image: CEN, YouTube/Omroep Gelderland

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November 07, 2018

Live Animal Keychains: Trendy or Cruelty?

Live Animal Keychains, china

With the rise of China’s economy, more citizens are celebrating their new-found wealth. Because of this, high-end sports entertainment, fast food restaurants, and sports cars are becoming more prominent in modern Chinese society. However, a smaller item Chinese are buying is admittedly more upsetting than the rest. Live animals, trapped in plastic bags, are sold as keychains in China.

For about $1.50, you can buy a trendy keychain outside of train and subway stations in the major cities throughout China.

Unfortunately, this isn’t your typical keychain. These keychains contain live animals, such as fish, Chinese soft-shelled turtles, and other small amphibians. The animals are considered to be good luck, and are used as fashion accessories by a number of young people.

Each keychain is said to contain enough oxygen and nutrients to keep the small animals alive. Nonetheless, some vendors claim the animals can only survive for a few days. Consequently, the animals have been known to either suffocate or starve to death.



While animal rights activists across the globe have condemned these items as cruel and inhumane, it has not halted the sale of these keychains throughout China.

Live Animal Keychains, china

To say that the market for this product condones animal cruelty is perhaps an understatement. Despite this, the practice will continue to go unchecked if China does not implement stronger animal cruelty laws to protect these small animals.

By Global Animal
November 07, 2018

Woman Rescues a Giant Huntsman Spider and Allows it to Go Free

Giant Huntsman Spider

For some reason it made headlines: recently a woman rescued a huge huntsman spider and set it free. It’s not certain what people find so newsworthy about it, but the woman apparently had some empathy. It’s a good thing this is newsworthy, too many negative things make headlines.

Barnyard Betty, of a nice page called Barnyard Betty’s Rescue took a video of her saving a huge huntsman spider. This type of page is a beautiful, usually positive thing that exists on social media as well as everything else. There’s actually a thriving culture of people rescuing animals, saving creatures, finding homes for pets, ect.

The giant huntsman spider was not harmful in the least bit, but people seem to innately have arachnophobia, or insectophobia in general.

Did you know that somewhere around 40,000 known species of spiders exist, but only a few of them are considered dangerous?

Thousands of various spider species exist in the United States, and only black widows and brown recluse spiders can harm humans for the most part. That certainly isn’t the case in some places a person can live, but I guess America is lucky.

In the Barnyard Betty’s Rescue video, the spider affectionately named “Charlotte” looks just like the type of creature that can literally flex its muscles while slamming energy drinks.

On the social media post, Betty said:

“Beautiful Charlotte the spider, one of my best rescues yet To answer some of your questions: She is a Huntsman Spider and we are located in Queensland Australia and yes she is very real and very large and not photo shopped!! I released her here on the farm after rescuing her so I can’t get anymore photos or video her I’m sorry. She was going to be killed by humans. She was a beautiful, calm spider, not aggressive in any way and like most spiders she just wanted to go about her business eating bugs and living in peace. She didn’t or doesn’t need to be killed! Poor spiders are so misunderstood!

All creatures great and small are welcome here at Barnyard Betty’s Rescue a safe haven no matter how you look!! [sic].”

Giant Huntsman Spider

So why is a Huntsman spider given this name? Well obviously they are fast and they hunt a certain way. They have also been referred to as giant crab spiders, for a self explanatory reason.

Sometimes the massive 8 legged creatures are referred to as wood spiders, because they like to dwell in mine shafts, forests, piles of woods, things like that. They can be found in southern Africa, known as rain spiders, or even lizard-eating spiders, to invoke a fairly terrifying image.

All kinds of species of Huntsman spider, in fact over a thousand, exist in tropical and warm temperate regions all over the planet, including Australasia, Asia, Africa, the Americas, an the Mediterranean Basin.

Spiders seem to be innately scary to human beings, even to the point where hallucinating spiders upon waking up is a common experience people report. Look it up, people seeing spiders that slowly fade out of their vision upon waking out of a deep night of sleep, that’s something people report all the time.

ByAdam Goldberg, Anon News
November 07, 2018

Flat Earthers Now Believe The Earth Is Shaped Like A Donut

flat earth, Donut earth

Flat-Eathers aren’t famous for their intelligence or articulation, but even by their standards, a post by Flat-Earth Society member, Varuag, is pushing it.

In a long, barely decipherable post on the The Flat-Earth Society website’s forum, Varuag posits the theory that instead of being shaped like a pancake, The Earth is, in fact, the shape of a donut.

OK. I’m being little mean. Varuag doesn’t ever actually say that he believes this to be fact, instead he says it’s a theory that he thinks can be built upon. He says that The Earth is a torus. According to Wikipedia a torus is “a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in three-dimensional space about an axis coplanar with the circle”. In plain English, a three-dimensional donut.

In a series question and answers, Varuag laid his theory out. The first, and most important, question was along the lines of if it’s donut shaped, where’s the hole? Varuag responded that the curvature of light corresponds with the curvature of the torus, making the donut hole invisible (don’t worry, you’re not meant to understand).

Varuag goes on to explain his theory using logic that can barely even be described as pseudo-science.

When asked “if I stand on the surface in the middle of the TE (torus earth) and look up, why can’t I see the opposite side of the torus?” He answers (and I quote),

flat earth, Donut earth
“When you stand in the middle of the TE and look up, the light passes through the first atmosphere it reaches. However, by the time it reaches the second atmosphere (the one to re-enter the atmosphere of the TE) it has diminished enough to be reflected, and gets reflected into space, so you see space.”
So yeah. That about sums up the calibre of this theory. I’ve long ago given up attempting to figure out which parts of flat-earth theory satire and which are earnest. As always, I hope this is a joke but the sheer work gone into it suggests to me that Varuag is serious.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

November 06, 2018

Strengths People Get After Toxic Relationships

toxic relationship, stress

Most of us have experienced bad relationships. However, people who experienced toxic relationships have gone through difficulties and have acquired special strengths.

These people possess a special kind of resilience that helps them rise to a higher level of functioning after experiencing significant adversity.

Believe me that if you have survived a toxic relationship, you are not damaged! On the contrary, many survivors have some kind of superpowers.

These strengths allow them to heal from the experience of being in an emotionally toxic relationship.

They can also create much healthier relationships and they can become great partners in those healthy relationships. Here are the strengths people acquire after toxic relationships.

5 Strengths People Get After Toxic Relationships:

1. A high degree of emotional intelligence, empathy and compassion.

These people possess a high degree of emotional intelligence, which starts with self awareness. Toxic individuals are often very attracted to emotionally intelligent people because insightful people possess the very qualities the abuser is lacking. Survivors demonstrate their capacity to empathize with others and are often intuitive. They can usually sense what is going on in others, sense their feelings, and have deep compassion for other living beings.

2. Skills in compromising and problem solving.

Many of these survivors are outstanding problem solvers. They know how to resolve conflict and reach compromises in challenging situations. Through their experience with toxic and challenging relationships, they have developed strong people skills and diplomacy.

toxic relationship, stress

3. Integrity and authenticity.

Many of these survivors can express their honesty and align their actions with their words. This superpower leads to developing credibility and congruency that others can trust. Often, abusers are drawn to these qualities because they want so much to be associated with these traits themselves.

4. Humility and accountability for one’s actions.

These survivors often possess a keen sense of self awareness. They demonstrate their humility when recognizing and owning their responsibility for a mistake and then take action to make a change. When they free themselves from a toxic relationship, these survivors have the superpower of fortifying and reclaiming their boundaries, paving the way for healthier relationships in the future.

5. Capacity to create healthy relationships through what they’ve learned.

Survivors generally learn what it takes to experience healthy and productive relationships in the future. Emotional abusers are mostly attracted to others who know how to do the work of relationships, so this is cautionary tale.

November 06, 2018

50 Year Old BabyFace Japanese Woman Reveals Her Special Massage To Look So Young

Yamada Yoshiko

People who are on their way to late adulthood are finding it hard to face the truth of aging, especially celebrities whose job might depend on their looks.

They try countless different solutions that might be harmful for their health, they apply many weird things on their skin that they are promised would make them look younger.

But as much as they fight, aging is a force that scientists have still not discovered how to master and control.

There are, however, few people who go through the process of aging with grace, ease, and youthful energy. And the secret to their youthful looks is much simpler than taking pills.

One of them is the famous Japanese woman Yamada Yoshiko who is over 50 but has a face of a teenager. And according to her, there is one massage that is responsible for her looks.

She reveals this massage called “Rock, Paper, Scissors” and shows how anyone can do it in just 5 minutes every day.

Instead of fighting or denying aging, happy people fully surrender to the changes and miracles that are taking place.

But in order to keep their energies and health strong, they follow 4 rules that give them radiance and energy.

4 Rules To Have Radiance And Energy At Old Age:

1. Establish healthy habits and behaviors.

Aging is not a disease that we should dread. It’s part of our body’s organic evolution that must be honored. We only need to tap into the vital energies inherent in all of us.

While we link aging with poor health, research shows that this shouldn’t be necessary and it has no correlation if you maintain healthy habits.

Healthy habits are considered having a healthy diet, having a habit of exercising or walking at least 20 minutes per day, quality sleep, hygiene, regular check ups, close relationships.

When you practice healthy habits, take preventive measures, maintain a close relationship with friends and family, poor health is less likely to affect you.

2. Prevent emotional aging with childlike fun, compassion and love.
Emotional growth is something that we all go through but the growth can follow two very different paths.

One is a path of love, or emotional maturity, where you’re a more positive person, you become compassionate, loving, and open hearted as you age.

The other is a path of fear, or emotional aging, where you become rigid, bitter, resentful, you feel heavy and numb, hurt and grumpy at life.

The thing that separates these two paths is the amount of play you have in your life. The more play you have the more you love, the less play you have the more you fear.

If your mind is conditioned to be more serious than have fun and play, more and more worries start to emerge before you as you age.

All struggle with negative thoughts. But give yourself permission to have childlike fun from time to time, to play, whatever is joyful and fun for you, and these thoughts disappear.

Open your heart to compassion and love because these two traits are the youthfulness of your heart.

Yamada Yoshiko

3. Open your mind to learning new things.

As you age it’s normal for your mind to become less flexible because of couple biological factors.

However, just because you are less flexible it doesn’t mean you stop putting a little effort to learn new things. The key here is awareness.

Many old people are not aware that their biology is giving them a more rigid perception, so they identify with their perception, and they become close minded.

But if you are aware of this, you can apply conscious effort and push yourself to learn something new that will stretch your mental limits and create new thought patterns.

Read books, travel, learn new skills, start new hobbies, and most importantly, learn how to unlearn.

Realize that nobody knows everything, not even close, and you can learn many interesting and valuable things from everyone you meet.

Trade your ego for mental youth, open your mind to the fact that you know nothing, and the childlike wonder and excitement about the world will find you again.

4. Study spirituality.

Spirituality plays a major role in longevity, as well as emotional and physical health. A person who is not spiritually active can become weak in many areas of life.

When you’re grounded on spirituality, you can see life beyond the physical and material world.

The soul has a life of its own that is free of the time and space continuum, anyone who has a deep connection with their soul has a younger spirit.

They have an optimistic view of life, are less stressed and less lonely. They’re also more active in the community work, helping others or teaching kids.

A belief in a higher power gives you the advantage of being able to cope with the tough situations in life with strength and positivity.

You are free to be yourself and trust yourself. As you exercise self trust you are facing your fears and you see there is nothing to be afraid of. You are liberated.

Spirituality allows your soul to stay young, energetic, and vibrant. Regardless of the spiritual path you want to follow, give life your best shot.

Stay creative, passionate, and in love. Besides, as you grow in your spiritual practice, your true light will shine. And who knows, maybe your best work is yet to come out of you.

If you follow these 4 rules, and apply the special massage Yamada Yoshiko revealed to us, you will certainly regain your youthful energy and radiance.

By Life Coach Code

Monday, November 5, 2018

November 05, 2018

Philippines Pastor Claims He Travelled The Solar System

Quiboloy, Cult, Pastor

Apollo C. Quiboloy was born in a small village in Davao City, in the Philippines. It is claimed that at birth his mother saw a vision of the face of God smiling down from the sky which said to her "That is my Son." After high school, Quiboloy attended a Bible college and later became the national youth president for the United Pentecostal Church. It was after this that he formed his own organization The Kingdom of Jesus Christ or The Name above Every Name Inc. on September 1st, 1985.

In a video uploaded by facebook page Ang Tamang Daan  Contradiction Teachings, Philippines Pastor claims that God tours him to different planets:


These small minds,
Can only give jolen as a gift.
They can only understand that.
Thankfully, I brought jolen.
Not only this world did the Father showed me
Many times he took me there [heaven]
Those planets, I passed by them all.
All of you can’t do that.
You will criticise again “he said that he passed by the planets”

He claims he is the owner of the Earth:


I Am The Son Of God:

List of Quiboloy's claims:

1. I am now the owner of the earth, I am now the owner of the world.

2. I am the owner of all souls on earth.

3. I defeated Lucifer in my Kingdom.

4. The Father (God) did not adopt their names, their names of there denominations or religion, it's manmade. He (God) adopted my name and He (God) made it his own new name.

5. I'm not really that handsome but my standard is very high if I want to marry. If I ever see something, even a little detail in your face that I do not like, I will turn my back to you. Example, when we are talking and there is a hair sticking out of your nose, you're done for.

6. An angel visits me, and he said your name now is my name. purely.

7. God gave me His name and He took my name as His new.

8. The Third Testament, which is the Book of Fulfilment, is directed to the Appointed Son ( ME ) who is the NEW OWNER OF THE WORLD.

Additional Reference: Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
November 05, 2018

Ways How To Open Your Heart And Find Unconditional Love

heart, love

Love is full of wonders. It’s even said to move mountains. Regardless of your own definition of love, it has the power to make the hearts speak and establish a connection with others.

In the presence of infinite love, verbal communication is sometimes unnecessary. There is deeper communication that does not need words.

However, emotional blocks that hide in the masks of fear, pain, suffering, judgments, heartaches, illness, isolation, prevent us from loving infinitely and unconditionally.

We allow these things to limit our capability to love. Most people don’t know what love is, at its core, and how to express it. This can be possible by opening our hearts to love.

15 Ways How To Open Your Heart:

1. Commune with nature.

In nature, there’s no chaos, no confusion, and no pain. There’s only peace, connectedness, and love.

The first step to opening your heart is to establish a deeper connection with Mother Earth and all its creatures.

It’s where you can ground yourself while letting go of negative vibes and being present in the moment.

2. Stay in the present moment.

Staying in the present moment allows you to focus on your breath, which aligns you to your higher self.

When you tune in to your higher self, you open your heart to the loving connection with yourself and everything that is.

Staying in the present moment is something that can make you feel better immediately, and it can also improve your outlook on things.

3. Be still.

Stillness connects you to your inner knowing. It invites you to be detached and be the observer of everything that’s going on within you and through you.

Meditation is one way of practicing stillness. As you meditate, you see your thoughts come and go.

Seeing that you are not your thoughts allows your heart to feel safe. This triggers your heart to open up and allows love to flow through you freely.

4. Do something you love doing.

When you do something that your heart lights up while doing time seems to pass without noticing. And you can do this thing the whole day without feeling tired at all.

This means that the activity comes straight from your heart, it’s something that your soul resonates with and it lights up your shine.

When you do activities that you really love doing your heart opens up. Your soul shines and you are energized.

5. Honor your breath.

Your breath is the life force that brings you to the present moment.

When you feel you’re out of alignment, pause and take deep breaths. Through the awareness of your breath, you will remember who you are, a person born out of love.

By remembering love, your heart finds its center.

6. Connect with your tribe.

Your tribe could be your group of friends or the people who see you as you are without judgment.

You vibrate at the same frequency, which makes you feel comfortable and safe.

Being with the people whose frequency resonates with yours allows you to be aligned with your eternal nature. This encourages your heart to open up and stay balanced.

7. Practice color therapy.

Color therapy works with the aid of visualization.

Finding a quiet place, make yourself comfortable and focus on your heart. Take a few deep breaths as you visualize the first color that comes to you.

Trust your inner guidance to bring you the color of your aura that needs harmony, balance, and self healing.

heart, love

8. Keep a journal.

A journal serves as something that helps you process thoughts and emotions. It’s a place where you can dump all your emotional baggage, confusions, pains.

By pouring on the pages things that no longer serve you, you come in fresh and with a clearer mind.

Once your mind is clear, it’s easier for you to open up and be aware of the love around you.

9. Be genuine.

In whatever circumstances you are in your life now, you’re playing a role in someone else’s life. Oftentimes, these people want you to play the role they expect you to play.

When playing that role is against your will, you’re being inauthentic with yourself.

You’re left with the choice of disappointing others by being your authentic self, or play with their dramas and be untrue to yourself. Just remember, true love can only flow when you’re being true to yourself.

10. Establish healthy boundaries.

Establishing healthy boundaries doesn’t mean closing your doors for other people. On the contrary, it is the first step in showing compassion to others.

When you set boundaries, you are being compassionate with yourself, giving it the necessities of life that it needs to stay healthy, balanced, and capable of love.

Once you’ve developed this compassion with yourself, it naturally extends to other people, allowing more love to flow.

11. Speak your own truth.

You don’t need to argue others to speak your own truth. Being your authentic self is one way of speaking your own truth.

Do the things that matter to you even if they appear unconventional. Never be afraid of being different.

When you’re confident of who you are despite the criticisms thrown at you, people will slowly show you respect and find inspiration in speaking their own truth too.

12. Send love to anyone who needs it.

When you send love, your focus is on love. The more you focus on love, the more it comes into your reality.

Send your loved ones love by imagining them to be standing in front of you. You can even send love to strangers or people who may have hurt you.

Sending love is the quickest way to heal and raise your vibrations.

love, heart

13. Listen to your heart.

Self healing begins with listening to what your heart is telling you.

Set aside time for yourself and listen deeply to the messages your heart wants you to know.

Allow yourself to find safety in the quiet place of Surrender.

14. Follow your bliss.

“Follow what your heart is telling you” is a common phrase we hear. And there is truth in that.

When you follow your heart, you follow your bliss, the passion that points you to your life purpose. Whatever your passion in life is, love is at its core.

Thus, following your bliss is the shortest way to finding yourself and finding love.

15. Practice unconditional love.

Unconditional love is a sacred place where respect and honor resides. It’s loving people despite their weaknesses, shortcomings, and even indifference.

However, unconditional love is not a ticket that others can use to abuse you. You must have enough self respect so that people will respect you in like manner.

Show unconditional love without being tolerant, without apologizing, and without seeking approval from anyone. Just love with all your heart. Give love to the world.

By Life Coach Code
November 05, 2018

Woman Who Has Sex With Ghosts Is Now Engaged To One

Amethyst Realm, ghost

Congratulations are in order for a woman who says she has sex with ghosts – because she’s now engaged to one, she claims.

Amethyst Realm has spoken out about her unusual love life in the past, previously claiming she joined the Mile High Club with a ghost and wanted to have children with one.

And the 30-year-old is now planning a wedding after her spirit lover popped the question in Somerset.

She told The Sun: ‘We’re soulmates, meant for each other, and that’ll never change. The fact that he’s a spirit is by the by.’ Amethyst has previously claimed she has had sex with a number of ghosts, and met her new man while she was in Australia on business at the start of this year.

He doesn’t have a name – and Amethyst even revealed she’s not certain he’s male, but says gender is less important when it comes to ghosts. The spiritual counsellor said her fiance proposed at Wookey Hole caves in Somerset.

She said: There was no going down on one knee — he doesn’t have knees! But for the first time, I heard him speak.’

The words ‘will you marry me?’ echoed around the cave, she claimed. Amethyst added: ‘It’s hard to explain but, until that point, his words were inside my head. But, on that day, the words were outside.’

The voice was ‘deep, sexy and real’, she said. Amethyst, from Bristol, says her family and friends are happy for her and she is already planning a Pagan handfasting ceremony.

She added that she knows the idea of having a baby with her fiance ‘sounds crazy’ but believes it isn’t ‘totally out of the question’.

By Harley Tamplin, Metro

Sunday, November 4, 2018

November 04, 2018

Harvard Researchers Suggest Strange Interstellar Object May Be Alien Light Sail

Oumuamua, alien sail

Astronomers spotted something odd last year. Something really odd. Now a Harvard professor suggests it was an alien solar sail sent in search for life — ours!

It was our first known interstellar visitor when it was detected flashing past the Sun in October last year. Dubbed 'Oumuamua' — Hawaiian for messenger — it was quickly determined to be not of this solar system.

Its trajectory had been traced. And the track it was on could not have possibly been an orbit around our Sun. So it must have come from deep space.

Follow-up observations after the Pan-STAARS-1 telescope in Hawaii announced its discovery revealed the object to be odd.

It was elongated. It was about a kilometre long. It was a strange reddish colour. And it appeared to have properties that belong to both comets and asteroids.

Naturally enough, some speculated it could be an alien spacecraft. SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) was interested enough to turn one of its electronic ears in its direction.

It found nothing. There were no observable omissions from the tumbling interstellar visitor.

And, as Oumuamua was moving so fast as to already whip it into the outer reaches of our Solar System, interest waned.

There just wasn't much more we could do to check it out.

now, a new study by two Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics astronomers has postulated that it may, after all, have been an alien object.

A light sail.

The study, titled Could Solar Radiation Pressure Explain 'Oumuamua's Peculiar Acceleration, was presented by Shmuel Bialy and Professor Abraham Loeb.

Professor Loeb is a committee member of the Breakthrough Starshot committee — a project announced by the late astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and funded by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner that seeks to speed up our search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Any examination of the unusual nature of Oumuamua must include "the possibility that it might be a lightsail of artificial origin," he writes.

Oumuamua, alien sail


Oumuamua was found to have a high density. Normally, this would indicate it was an object made of rock and metal.

This seemed to be supported as it skimmed past the Sun. No comet-like clouds of gas spun out as a tail in the solar wind.

But a spectral analysis — where light is broken down into its components to identify the chemicals influencing its colours — indicated it was much icier than expected.

But the big eyebrow raiser was Oumuamua's speed.

After passing the Sun, it actually sped up. It should, by all accounts, have slowed down …

Unless it was a comet, venting gas from the warmer face closest to the Sun. This could give it the boost needed to increase its velocity.

So, where was that comet-like tail?

It's still not been found.

The Harvard astronomers also point out that any such 'outgassing' would have quickly changed the nature of Oumuamua's spin.

This also was not observed.

With these anomalies, Bialy and Loeb suggest there is only one other viable alternative: that it is a mechanical light sail, designed to use starlight to propel it through space.

"The first artificial relic might have just been discovered over the past year when the Pan STARRS sky survey identified the first interstellar object in the solar system, 'Oumuamua," Professor Loeb writes.

It's a concept similar to one Breakthrough Starshot is working on.

It wants to sent 'starchips' - tiny solar-sail powered sensors - to Proxima B.

"We explain the excess acceleration of `Oumuamua away from the Sun as the result of the force that the Sunlight exerts on its surface," they write. "For this force to explain measured excess acceleration, the object needs to be extremely thin, of order a fraction of a millimetre in thickness but tens of meters in size. This makes the object lightweight for its surface area and allows it to act as a light-sail. Its origin could be either natural (in the interstellar medium or proto-planetary disks) or artificial (as a probe sent for a reconnaissance mission into the inner region of the Solar System)."


The Harvard astronomers attempted to compute the probable shape, size and mass any such interstellar light-sail would need.

It would need to survive the intense cold and extreme radiation of deep space. It would also need to be structurally rigid enough to cope with the stresses of its spin.

Their calculations state it could be achieved by an incredibly thin — just a fraction of a millimetre — thick sheet of metal.

"For a thin sheet this requires a width of ≈ 0.3−0.9 mm," the study reads. "We find that although extremely thin, such an object would survive an interstellar travel over Galactic distances of about 5 kpc, withstanding collisions with gas and dust-grains as well as stresses from rotation and tidal forces."

Professor Loeb states similar lightsails have already been designed and built here — such as the Japanese IKAROS and his own Starshot Initiative.

Why would such an alien ship be here?

Bialy and Loeb speculate it could be flotsam — a jetissoned solar sail floating at the whim of the interstellar winds. That would explain the lack of transmissions, they say.

"This opportunity establishes a potential foundation for a new frontier of space archaeology, namely the study of relics from past civilisations in space," Loeb recently wrote in Scientific American.

"Finding evidence for space junk of artificial origin would provide an affirmative answer to the age-old question "Are we alone?" This would have a dramatic impact on our culture and add a new cosmic perspective to the significance of human activity."

Equally, Loeb said, Oumuamua could be a space probe.

"The alternative is to imagine that 'Oumuamua was on a reconnaissance mission," he told Universe Today. He said the objects path was simply too convenient.

It passed within 0.25 AU (Astronomical Units, the distance of the Earth from the Sun) of the Sun which avoided the worst of its solar radiation. It then crossed within just 0.15AU of Earth.

Both astronomers concede we simply know too little about Oumuamua to reliably guess its nature. But, at the very least, for it to have the observed characteristics it has it must be an entirely new type of material or object.

By Jamie Seidel,

Saturday, November 3, 2018

November 03, 2018

The Most Racist Countries In The World

racist countries

Economic and trading group, Insider Monkey, has combined the findings from two separate surveys in race relations and compiled a ranking of the 25 most racist countries.

The two surveys cover different aspects of racism, but not racism directly – as the group points out, many people may not even know if they are racist.

The first survey was conducted by the Washington Post and broadly asked if people would like having people of other races as neighbours. Answers saying no were assumed to have some form of racial basis.

The second survey was more direct, asking whether respondents had seen or experienced racism. All answers that we not a direct “no not at all”, were considered as a check next to racism.

The findings cover the responses of over 85,000 people from 61 countries between 2014 and 2015.

South Africa was ranked as the 9th most racist country based on the survey results, where 19.6% of people said they would not like having people of different races living next door to them – while 61.8% of people said they had witnessed or experienced some form of racism.

Recent data released by the South African Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) showed that South Africans feel like race relations in the country have worsened since 1994 – however, contrasting data from the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) found the opposite had ocurred.

In 2015, IRR commissioned a national opinion survey of public attitudes to race, empowerment, and other policy issues entitled Race: What South Africans really think.

Insider Monkey said that individually, the surveys are too broad to give an indication of racism, which is incredibly complex to ‘define’ due to the subjectivity involved – and even when combined, the topic of ‘racism’ still isn’t comprehensive.

However, “when you combine two or more approaches it is more likely that some of these biases cancel out and the resulting estimate is more accurate,” it said.

One caveat to the data was that it only covered 61 countries. “It is highly likely that the rankings would be different if (Syria and Austria) and other excluded countries were part of the survey,” the group said.

It said it applied the same method as it does to to identify the best stocks to invest in the stock market, which it does by calculating the consensus picks of over 700 hedge fund managers.

These are the 25 most racist countries based on the results:

racist countries
racist countries