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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Can Money Buy Happiness?

money, happiness

We already have an idea that money can't really buy happiness. But, the reality that we spend money on almost all the things that we wanted in life. How ironic is that? Psychological Research has an insight into the connection between money and happiness. What are the things that you need to consider for your next purchase!

Here are the two psychological principles before you make your next purchase according to Sarah Gervais an associate professor of psychology, Social And Cognitive program.

Being Rich Isn’t Necessarily the Path to Happiness.

Yes, money is important to happiness since all of the things that we wanted we get it by having a lot of money. Receiving a higher income can give us our dream house, secured health benefits and more leisure time. However, it only gets to a certain point when the only thing that you have is just for your basic needs. The positive effect of money on your life is you can have your dream house The negative effects of it is you are working in long hours, stress yourself to your job to maintain that salary.

money, happiness

Doing Makes us Happier than Having

Majority of people assume that “things” will lead to more happiness than “experiences.” Physical objects—such as the latest iPhone, handbag, or car. Last longer than say going to a concert, taking a cooking class, or going on vacation. Buying things does make us happy, at least in the short term. In the long-term, however, we habituate to new things and even though they may have made us excited and happy at first, eventually the item becomes the new normal and fades into the background. The happiness that comes from purchasing experiences, however, tends to increase over time. One reason is that we often share experiential purchases with other people. Even when you’ve driven that new car into the ground, you’ll still be telling stories with your family and friends about that time when you went on vacation to Colorado and you’ll even be chuckling about when the car broke down and you had to spend the night in the shady motel.

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