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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Duterte God Is Smarter Than The Catholic God

Duterte, God, Catholic Church, Stupid God

In the past weeks, President Rodrigo Duterte asserted that the God worshiped by Catholics is stupid. He then supported his statement about the God that he worships. The God that has common sense and highly superior to the ones made by the minds of men. A truly universal mind or God.

Since his presidential campaign, President Rodrigo Duterte is very cynical about the Catholic Church and the congregation of bishops throughout the Philippines. His recent statement about why God is stupid and the way he downplayed the concept of Original sin and the account of Creation based on Genesis attracted numerous criticisms both locally and overseas.

Recently, he made it clear that the God he worships is by far transcendental compared to the Gods from major religions throughout the globe. Duterte said that the universal mind or God is the reason why the universe operates in precise laws. Interestingly, he mentioned the classic science fiction film titled 2001: A Space Odyssey based on the novel of Arthur C. Clarke.

Duterte's stance on religion and God may seem controversial at first but when a person carefully analyzes his point, he is trying to assert that the belief in God is not exclusive to religions. Some scientists even believe in God but not God in the Bible. He is trying to prove a point that one can believe in God but not in religion.

Like many of his controversial statements, it was covered by the state-run RTVM Network in the Philippines.

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