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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Occult Books All Time Favorites

occult books, esoteric books
This riveting book compiled and written by Michelle Belanger, a well known occult scholar is a product of extensive research. In this book, more than 1,500 different daemons and entities are compiled and some entries even have instructions on how to invoke them.
The Dictionary of Demons, esoteric, occult

The Dictionary of Demons: Names of the Damned

It is also revealed in the book that some words or names have power, Pronounce and know the real name of the demon and you can summon him. Other than the names of the demons, some places of the Gnostic tradition is also stated. There are also entries dedicated to astrology, demonology, and Gnosticism.

What is more interesting in the book is the representation of some demons in art and literature. Excellently printed replicas of woodcuts made the book a more immersive read.
Ars Notoria, esoteric, occult

The Notary Art of Solomon: Ars Notoria 

Among all grimoires throughout the ages, the Ars Notoria have the most promising and practical uses. It is said that it amplifies human cognition such as increased memory, pattern recognition and even telepathy and mind reading. The Ars Notoria is a must have for any person interested in the occult and the unknowable.

It is often associated with Lemegeton but the writings here are very different in nature. The Ars Notoria may sound malevolent but it is actually full of prayers, orations and invocations the appease Yahweh, the Christian God, angels and even Jesus Christ.

The Ars Notoria is always featured in many websites and often endorsed as a book that grants supernatural powers. You can watch the video below detailing the powers granted by Ars Notoria.

The Grimoire of Armadel, esoteric, occult

The Grimoire of Armadel

The Grimoire of Armadel is a book that is one of it's kind. It is said that it is first written in French and most of the text is dated from early 18th Century. Like the Ars Notoria, The Grimoire of Armadel is full of prayers, invocations, and rituals that are angelic in origin.

The book may not be as famous as Lemegeton but it is still a must-have for practitioners and those who want to explore the world of the occult. You can watch the video below about the 5 Books that have practical magic uses.
The Ars Paulina, esoteric, occult

The Ars Paulina: Book 3 Of The Lemegeton 

Ars Paulina, The penultimate book of Lemegeton is very distinct compared to other parts. It is sometimes sold or read separately because of its stark departure from the rest of the contents of Lemegeton. Most of the modern astrology can be traced its roots from Ars Paulina.

The most underrated part of Lemegeton, the Ars Paulina also features hours of the day with corresponding angel or guardian with it. Like the demons in Goetia, the angels can be invoked by symbols with an astrological origin.
Grimorium Verum, esoteric, occult,

Grimorium Verum

This perennial book of black magick was already translated several times throughout the ages. It is said that Grimorium Verum contains the easiest invocations to summon and command nonphysical beings such as demons. Grimorium Verum also has instructions to draw powers from these demonic entities.

It is suspected that the recent incarnations of Grimorium Verum are incomplete and it's just a manuscript for a greater work of black magick originally translated in Italian.

A.E Waite, is responsible for the modern translations taken from these sources that date back in the Dark Ages up to 1880s.

The book is also known for its incoherency that is mainly stemmed because of its incompleteness and mistranslations from several languages. But recent editions such as this one accurately translate the original texts with clear and instructions of invocations.
Lemegeton,  esoteric, occult,

Lemegeton: The Lesser Key of Solomon The King

The enduring legacy of the occult lore is sealed inside Lemegeton: The Lesser Key of Solomon The King book. The occult tome contains all of the 150 sigils, charts and illustrations that was researched by Aleister Crowley himself. Aleister Crowley together with Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers did an astounding feat of carefully translating ancient grimoires into English.

This controversial trade paperback edition has an interesting story behind it. Crowley and Mathers followed orders from an enigmatic Secret Chief of the Rosicrucian Order to compile and publish the grimoire. The texts are originally from the prior research of Cornelius Agrippa and Johannes Trithemisus dating from 1500's up to 1600s.

Both of these learned men spent years of research and suddenly Mathers decided that they should not publish the book for its knowledge would be misused. Aleister Crowley did not follow Mather's suggestion and published it anyway, following the orders of the Secret Chief that up to this day, unidentified.
Lucid Dreaming,  esoteric, occult

Lucid Dreaming: A Guide To Becoming Conscious In Your Dreams

Charlie Morley, the author of this book, claimed that he started dreaming in his adolescent years. He had a natural talent to control his dreams and be conscious that he is really dreaming. A virtual reality without the need of fancy gizmo, lucid dreaming that is. This book teaches you how to do that trick.

Some chapters of the book drew its inspiration from Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism and Taoism. Meditation is indeed a key to have control over your dreaming life. Mastering some breathing exercises and visualization techniques will enable you to do lucid dreaming with ease. This book is a must-have for every dream quester. 

Lucid dreaming indeed is an interesting phenomenon, people who know how to do it are gifted and fortunate to have worlds inside their heads full of possibilities. 
Energy Healing, esoteric, occult

Energy Healing: Unlock Your Potential as a Healer and bring Healing into Your Everyday Life 

This book has a stunning premise, it is all about human energy and how to harness it. Harnessing our hidden potentials is said to go hand in hand with better mental processes and overall health and wellbeing. This comprehensive text written by Abby Wynne is a must have for people wondering about human power and potentials.

This book was written by a psychotherapist and a self taught shaman energy healer who wanted to share her knowledge from extensive research of shamanism and other ancient energy healing process. Abby Wynne explained everything in layman's terms just like any other Hay House Basic Books.

In this book, you will be taught how to heal yourself and be aware of the negative and positive energies around you. Not only will this book help you but you can also help other people with their pressing problems such as stress. This book should be on the shelves of every people who aspire to be a healer of all sorts.

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