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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Fort Drum: The Invincible Island Battleship of Manila Bay

Fort Drum, Corregidor, El Fraile, Manila Bay

There are many interesting places in World War II that shaped our history. One of these places is Fort Drum, the concrete and invincible battleship island stationed in Manila Bay. Previously known as El Fraile, the place served as a fortification against naval attacks.

The island previously named as El Fraile given by the Spaniards have an interesting shape. It looked like a ship even before it was reinforced by steel and naval guns or batteries.

Along with Corregidor, the island played a crucial role in World War II. But unlike Corregidor that became a tourist attraction, the Fort Drum is not preserved and the naval guns/batteries are left to rust away.

There is an interesting archive footage of how the US Army and Marines retook Fort Drum by surrounding it and pouring gasoline inside, incinerating hiding Imperial Japanese Army men stationed inside.

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