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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

HD Video Shows Rich Philippines During Martial Law Period

Philippines Martial Law Period

Most Filipinos who lived in the 1970s are nostalgic about the Martial Law period.

Numerous stories about the unprecedented rate of progress especially during the first years of Martial Law from 1972 to 1976 resonate among the minds of young people. This previously unreleased 14-minute video in high definition showed how the prosperous Philippines was during the Martial Law period.
The video started off with montage of the Corregidor ruins, Mt. Samat and Cultural Center of the Philippines at night. The video transitioned with scenes taken from Ayala Avenue, Manila Bay, Philippine Heart Center, Hyatt Hotel, and numerous power plants in the country. The video concluded with the montage of the rich culture of the Philippines and the abundance of goods in the countryside thanks to Masagana 99 and Green Revolution.

It turned out that the videos are originally split into 3 parts and was used as promotional material for tourism in the 1970s. Philippines: A Fusion of East And West is the formal name of the video series. It was uploaded by the Youtube Channel.

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