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Friday, June 22, 2018

How Accurate Is Nonverbal Behaviour

nonverbal behavior, body language, psychology
Even though people tend to be more accurate about the traits of others they know well, perceives can be remarkably accurate about the personality of strangers when they are able to observe even thin slices of nonverbal behavior (Ambady & Rosenthal, 1993). Ambady and Rosenthal(1993; experiment)

Demonstrate this is a very interesting way by asking female judges to evaluate 13 University professors on the basis of three 10-Second Behavior, Silent video clips that showed each professor at the beginning middle, and end a class session.

The judges could watch the facial expression and other nonverbal behaviors, but they could nor hear active, anxious, attentive, competent, confident, dominant, emphatic, enthusiastic, honest, likable, optimistic, professional, supportive, and warm). Results indicated that the favorability of the judge's trait ratings was strongly predictive of the professors' actual class evaluations at the end of the semester.

nonverbal behavior, body language, psychology

Professors who were given the highest evaluations by the students in their classes were those who had been given the most positive evaluations by the judge. Based on the very thin slices of non-verbal behavior, female judges were surprisingly accurate predicting which professor would be judged most positively-by their student and the end of the term.

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