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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Man Shared Photos Of A Ghost Who Hitched A Ride With Them

Ghost, Grab Car, Philippines

There are several stories of stowaway ghosts hitching rides on vehicles, these stories are rarely captured in photographs. A recent post, send shivers down the spines of netizens around the Philippines. 

A passenger captured a photo of the ghost in a selfie!

The roads of Commonwealth, Quezon City is constantly busy due to the MRT-7 project underway. A man name Sam Andrew Lee booked a ride in a TNVS company at midnight. When the car arrived after his booking, he was shocked to see a passenger behind the driver's seat. He complained that the driver still has a passenger with him.

The driver denied that the backseat is empty and he is the sole passenger!

That shocked Sam and along the way he observed the ghost passenger staring at him from the rear-view mirror. He decided to capture selfies, and to his surprise, he managed to capture the ghost in one photograph. He uploaded a set of pictures with a story on Facebook and it is now gaining thousands of shares and comments from many people.

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