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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Scientists Found A Way To Capture Record Save And Replay Your Dreams

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For nearly a decade, a group of Japanese scientists is working on a dream recording technology.
In the past years, the study spawned other branches that sounds like science fiction. From recording dreams up to reading other people's minds.

We have seen films like Inception, The Cell, and Paprika, and these films feature advanced technology concerning dreams. To control dreams and record for future viewings are seen in these films. These scenario is slowly turning into reality. The UC Berkeley successfully made the first step in remaking scenes from the mind.

The recent developments in quantum computing can enhance the capabilities of the modified MRI. In the coming decades, the invention can either help or destroy mankind. Having a mind-reading technology can effectively dissolve the idea of privacy and free thought. The video below shows the earliest phase of the dream recording technology in 2009.

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