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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Scientists Mystified Over Fresh Dinosaur-Like Remains Found In India

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Dinosaur fossils can be found almost everywhere in the globe except for islands that emerged 60 million years ago. But a strange sight left many paleontologists stumped after fresh dinosaur remains were found in Uttarhakand, India.

The corpse found in a snowy abandoned subway station is now being studied for carbon dating and DNA analysis.
Evolutionary biologists would agree that most birds are descendants of dinosaurs. Many would be surprised that the menacing T-Rex is closely related to modern-day chickens. If the remains found are not actually fossilized, it means that some dinosaurs managed to survive for millions of years.

But it is also possible that the bones are just preserved in a good condition without being fossilized.

The discovery of the well-preserved remains of the raptor led many people to speculate that some species of dinosaurs managed to survive their supposed extinction 65 million years ago.

Cryptozoologists even suspect that cryptids such as Loch Ness Monster and Ropen are 'living fossils'.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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