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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Some Escapism Habits Will Rob You Of Your Future

Escapism, not facing our problem

Escapism or not facing our problems and coming up with smart long-term solutions is plaguing young people nowadays.

 It may seem that days move faster than ever but the truth is most people are just wasting time doing nothing or worse wasting their time on self-destructive escapism habits.

It seems that alcohol, nicotine, and narcotics are not the only substances that are detriments of the modern world. The availability of fast Internet connections turned many people very dependent on the Internet. Social media addiction is becoming more common and most teenagers spent more time on Facebook than interacting with people or reading a book.

Fast Internet connection also gave way to the access of hardcore pornography that left many men desensitized to even start real relationships. It has been proven by a group of German neurologists that constant porn viewing does not only dissipate motivation, it also shrinks the brain!

Fast downloads of music, films, and other related media do not only cause huge financial loses on film and music industry. The ease of obtaining these materials will lead to binge-watching and significant loss of time in career and studies.

And lastly, video game addiction is also damaging. Finishing a video game may create a sense of fulfillment in a temporary period but ultimately leads to addiction. A person who is addicted to many video games will have a difficulty in facing the real world.

The aforementioned escapism habits are not always damaging. Yes, we need our time to relax but too much time spent on these things can leave you wondering 'After all this time, what have I done'? Know your real goals and work for it.

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