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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Studies Confirm That Staying Single Is Actually Good For Your Mind And Health

Not In Relationship, Single Lady

Our society (or most of the time: pop culture) is encouraging us to find partners to achieve contentment or happiness. But recent studies have shown that being single is actually good for you health. The researchers from the University of California found out that there are more benefits of being single than being in a relationship.

Obviously, being single promotes knowing oneself. It has been proven that single people are more likely to be more adept in many aspects of life than married people or people in a relationship. Self-improvement through talent development and achieving virtuosity is often demonstrated by single people.

Economists also believe that single young people in their 20s will be more likely to earn more money than their counterparts(people in a relationship). Other than having more money, single people also have more time for themselves and their career hence more time for themselves and for their friends or family.

However, there are many downsides to being single. It also feeds insecurity and loneliness for some people. But the feeling of loneliness will be shrouded easily by spending money on themselves, their friends and family. The video above is the extrapolation between the happiness of single people and married ones.

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