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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

These Suicide Pods Will Hit The Market Next Year

Dr. Philip Nitschke, Sarco, Suicide Pod

This 3-D printed pod can do something that was previously thought to be impossible. Users of this machine called Sarco can experience the harrowing effects of death both in virtual reality and in real life.  It means committing suicide is just a few clicks away inside the Sarcos.

Initial prototypes of Sarco was revealed to the public earlier this year and in 2019, people from around the world can order the pod, online. Dr. Philip Nitschke is the scientist responsible for this disturbing creation that lets people experience death or actually kill themselves inside the Sarcos.

The prototypes come with virtual reality and it lets users view the perspectives of death. But mass-produced Sarcos can assist people to kill themselves in just a minute. The Sarco pod spews liquid nitrogen and induce symptoms of hypoxia and suffocation and could kill someone within a minute or less.

It was revealed that in the coming years, the machine can be freely printed and will be open source. So ordering it on the Internet would not be needed. Anyone who got the blueprints can 3-D print Sarcos inside their rooms. Pretty disturbing isn't it?

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