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Friday, June 22, 2018

Ways To Know If Your Partner Is Telling Lies

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In this article we will reveal all the secrets of the liars for you to determine if your partner is telling the truth or your partner is actually lying to you. Did you also know that lying is 80% undetected? Just think about it, you don't know if all of the things that your partner is telling you is a lie. What questions do you need to ask to reveal the truth and you should observe as well the behavior of your partner.

Here are the ways on how will know if your partner is lying to you:

1. Vague Answers

If you are asking for your partner, always pay attention to how they are going to respond. Always ask for a yes or no response if the partner answered is just yes or No meaning they are telling the truth but if your partner is telling too much about the topic that can be a sign that your partner is lying. So ask your partner to be straight to the point and observe how they are going to react.

2. Laughing it Off

If your partner is laughing throughout the conversation be alert he/she might be lying to you. They are trying to disarm you with their wonderful sense of humor to play along with them make them comfortable with the conversation that you have. After the conversation repeats the question that you asked your partner. You can repeat the questions as a joke but let them know that you are serious.

3. Exaggerated Honesty

One traits of a liar is exaggeration of honesty to a certain topic someone who is promising and swearing that they are telling the truth even though you didn't show any doubt to them ask them why they are actually trying to convince them that they are telling the truth these questions make them uncomfortable with the questions that were given to them which is great for finding the truth. Tell them "Look why your so worried I believe in you! I just ask you a simple question"

4. Sympathy

It is so hard to determine a person if he/she is.lying if that person is actually sympathetic. That is actually a sign that they are deceiving you to cover their lies. Don't believe to their tricks.

5. Answering Questions with Questions

Anyone feels vulnerable and uncomfortable when they are telling lies. Telling a direct lie people actually avoiding answering the questions by changing the topic or answering you back. The most important thing that you need to remember not to start answering their questions if you do they will be in control. Just tell the person that you are not comfortable with the conversation asked them to answer the questions that they are asking.

6. Freezing

Receiving a long pause to the conversation that you have with your partner especially when you just ask questions that are very easy to answer. If your partner is freezing for a few seconds repeat your questions again as if you don't suspect anything. If the pause still continued more likely they are telling you lies.

7. One Man Show

If a person is clearly overacting playing as an innocent victim don't get too harsh on them at least they tried. Person emotions change for each second if the person is actually lying to he/she may act for a longer time for you to believe in their lies. Of course, you'll see the action is not true and you are not convinced with it.

8. Hostility

Insults are also clear signs that the person might actually lie to you. Don't let them make you angry and don't forget to ask them what you asked about. Make the conversation calmed and repeat the questions that you wanted to ask yo that person. If your partner he/she is innocent they will not struggle for the conversation and if they that they are guilty they will start to get angry and lose their patients. If your partner keeps on responding to these phrases "Why do you want to know that?" "That is not important now" they are using this phrases as a defense as an attack.

9. Repeating the Questions

If the person is actually repeating the questions multiple times he/she is definitely lying to you. Somehow you will notice they are actually lying to you they are trying to.make time and try to make an explanation from you. Always remember that telling lies is much longer than telling the truth.

10. Avoiding the Answer

For the person who is trying to avoid the answer looking for a relevant information or even tried to change the topic of the conversation. He/she is actually getting away from the mistake that they have done to you. Take time to observe if you still talking about the problem or they actually having a different topic already.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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