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Thursday, July 12, 2018

10 Astonishing Theories That Will Change Your Thoughts In Life

The real world is not as we think, it is not as simple and distinct as what we think of it. There are things that we acquire as real and take understand it differently. All efforts made by all scientist and philosophers to change our common view of it. Here are some of the examples of what I said.

Great Big Freeze
Image: The Times

1. The Great Big Freeze.

This is the theory about the future of our universe. It is said that the universe has a finite amount of energy. This theory says that when the energy is depleted, the universe will pass on to a frozen state. The heat energy given by the movements of the particles will slowly decay, meaning someday this particle movement will start to slow down and most likely everything will stop one day.

Image: Youtube
2. The "Solipsism"

This is a philosophical theory which claims that nothing exists but just a consciousness of one person. If you'll look at it, it may sound funny, but if you'll think about it, it is certainly unimaginable to confirm anything but your own consciousness.

Let us verify this, pause for a moment and try to think all of your dreams that you had in life. Is it not be viable that all things around you are nothing but just a great complex dream? You may say that people or things are real because you can sense them by touch, sight, hear, smell and taste, right?

This is a yes and a no, why you ask? Let's use those people to takes Lysergic Acid Diethylamide an example, it is said that they can feel or touch any convincing hallucinations but we don't affirm that what they see is real. Your dreams can make sensations too. What you see is just a work of the data that is being made in the other parts of your brain.

Image: The Plaid Zebra

3. The "Idealism"

The father of Idealism is George Berkeley. Disputed that all exists as an idea in somebody's mind. George learned that some of his associates thought that this theory is foolish. One of his competitors once kicked a stone while his eyes are shut and utter "I disprove it!" The concept was the stone is existing only in his imagination and he won't be able to kick it if his eyes are closed. The style George did to contradict this is hard to comprehend, especially up to this days. He disputed that there was a universal mighty God who's able to see things at the same time.

 Logos and Plato
Image: Eden Saga
4. The Logos and Plato

I think everyone knows Plato or most of us knows who he is. He is thought to be the world's famed philosopher. Like most philosophers, he has a fair share to tell about reality. He said that outside of the reality we know, there is a world of "perfect" systems or forms. Everything that we perceive is just a shadow, a copy of how things are supposed to be made. If you like "The Matrix" movie, I suggest that you read 'Plato's Allegory of the Cave' which is like an old-fashioned version of 'The Matrix.'

Plato said that by learning philosophy, we have a great chance of getting a peek at how things really exist and uncovering the perfect structure of all we see.

Additionally, Plato stated as being a Monist that all is created in one substance. In general, from the stars in the to the dust everywhere are made of the same simple material just different in structure or form. This has been proven true after atoms and molecules were discovered.

Image: Patheos
5. The "Presentism"

We see time as a reality. We section it for the past, present and the future. Presentism tells that both past and future are just imagined ideas while the present is the only real thing. As per St. Augustine, the future is just as imaginary due to time can't exist before and after it occurs. Let's say this your breakfast or all the words in this article will stop to exist after your finished reading it, not until you open this to read it again.

6. The "Eternalism"

Now, this is the opposite of presentism. This philosophical theory tells that time is multi-layered. All layers of time occur simultaneously, though the analysis is based on the viewer. They see depending on the which spot they are looking at.

We can say that Justine Beiber, Queen Victoria or the dinosaurs all lived at the same time but can only be viewed from a precise spot. If you'll look at this view in real life then we can say that the future is pointless and the free will is unreal.

Brain in a Jar Experiment

7. The Brain in a Jar Experiment

This experiment is a question that is deliberated by thinkers and scientists who believed that the comprehension of one for reality depends purely on their personal feelings. Maybe you're asking, what is the purpose of this experiment? Think of the scenario that you're just brain that is being manipulated by aliens or mad scientists. Is there a way for you to know? And can you refuse the chance that this is your existence?

If you're familiar with Descartes' evil demon problem, this is its modern equivalent. This deducing experiment came to the same ending that we cannot affirm the definite existence of anything aside from our consciousness. If you think that this sound to be nostalgic for the movie 'the matrix' it's because the movie was based on this idea. Unfortunately, we have no red pills in real life.

Theory of Multiverse
Image: Smithsonian Magazine
8. The Theory of Multiverse

Have you heard of the Multiverse or the parallel universe? As you may have known, a parallel universe is basically the same as ours, with some tiny differences or changes. This theory tells that there is an enormous number of these alternate universe.

So what? in the parallel universe, you could be living on the other side of the earth or you've died in a horrible death. In some universe that might be a chance that you're not even born due to your parents not meeting each other. We can give you a million examples and the possibilities are unlimited.

Fictional realism

9. The "Fictional realism"

This may perhaps be the most interesting section of the Multiverse theory. This theory says that Superman is real, or maybe a different story that you want. This theory tells that provided the infinite number of universe, all must exist somewhere else. All of our favorite fictional and fantasy may be a reality in an alternate universe. A place where all the right pieces are put together to make your fantasy a reality.

Phenomenalism - DeviantArt
10. The "Phenomenalism"

Are you curious to what is happening to things when we aren't staring at them? After the scientist studied this concern, they were able to find the answer to the question, they disappear. Well, not really. Phenomenalist philosophers affirm that things only exist as a reality of consciousness. So, the computer that you're using right now is there because you're aware and you know it exists., but once you turn away from it, it's existence stops until another person or you use it again. There is no reality without seeing it. This is the origin of the phenomenalism.

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