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Friday, July 6, 2018

6 Ideas Why Smart People Are Unhappy

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Ever wondered why some of the smartest and deep thinkers are unhappy?

They have a family, a good job or may have a perfect partner but still, there is this thing that makes them feel alone, discourage and sad every now and then. Ernest Hemingway once said that “happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”

Below are the 6 likely reasons why joy rarely occurs to smart people.

1. Smart people scrutinize everything

A lot of intelligent people has the tendency to over think and constantly analyze all that occurs in their existence. This can be exhausting at times, particularly when you're thinking of ways to accept your unacceptable and disappointing decisions.

Are you familiar with "ignorance is bliss"? Meaning the less you appreciate, the more laid back and happy you are. The ability to read people's true selves and motive is complete to make you feel down with the whole world. Not to mention the emotions that came with the observation on philosophical matters, world issues and life's constant crisis that has no answers.

2. Very smart persons have high standards

Intelligent people specifically know what they want and doesn't settle for anything less, no matter what part of their life this is. With that being said, it's hard for them to be happy with their accomplishments, relationships and literally all that has a spot in their life.

additionally, a lot of people with sharp theoretical minds tends to have low practical skills and in some way idealistic perceptions of the world. When their anticipation faces the basic reality of life and other people, unavoidably it leads to frustration.

3. Very smart persons are too hard on themselves

Another reason why intelligent people fails to be happy is that they are too strict with themselves. We're not talking only about their accomplishments and downfalls. Ingenious, deep thinkers usually evaluate their own behavior in an exact manner like they are looking for things to accuse themselves.

At times, you just lie down your bed trying to sleep then unexpectedly you remember a situation when you did not take action the way you should. This is ample to ruin your sleep and give you a bad mood. Smart people usually encounter flashbacks from their past mistakes. This develops guilt, dissatisfaction and other negative feelings that can pollute one's happiness.

4. Reality is not sufficient

Smart people never stop to look for something bigger, a design, a meaning, n intention. The deepest and romantic of them will not stop there. The uneasy mind and imagination won't let them relax and appreciate the "good things in life." So, the reality together with is pettiness is just too dull or uninteresting for them. Similar people desire something different, visionary and endless and of course, they will never find it in reality.

Ever felt like you don't belong, that you should've lived on another time or maybe in another planet? Deep thinkers and very smart people continuously feel this way. One can never be happy if you feel like you don't belong in the world you live in.

5. Missing deep communication and appreciation

Being appreciated or accepted by someone is one big experience a person can have. It is soothing to be sited with a similar person somewhere silent and has a significant talk, knowing that this person accepts your ideas and share your perception of the world. Sadly, smart people barely have this happiness. A lot of them are detached and misconceived like no one seems to see and accept the intellect of their minds.

Now, it is confirmed scientifically that for one to be happy, a person with High IQ' has to be less sociable than those with average IQ levels. This doesn't mean that smart people have to seek for interaction and good talk with other people. They just like to tell about interesting and significant things than talk about food, weather, and plan for the weekend. These days, it is notably hard to find a person o have a good discourse.

6. Many A lot of smart people undergo psychological problems

There have been researches that connect psychiatric disorders like social anxiety and bipolar with high IQ. Is this a side effect of having a creative, genius and accomplished mind? Who one can tell because science is still trying to uncover the mysteries of our mind.

At the same time, smart people who don't go through any mental disorders are still exposed to existential depression which is most of the time a product of over thinking. If you are thinking too much, a time will come that you start to think about your life, death and the context of existence. Sometimes, it's ample to make you want to rethink your own existence and be sad for no reason.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.
Image: Womenosophy

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