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Friday, July 6, 2018

6 Skills That You Didn't Know You Had

Fortune Teller, Prediction, Gypsy

Do you know that you have unbelievable skills in your body?

You may be shocked to learn that your body has a few strange skills. All of the things listed below can be done by a just about anyone and they're all strange.

1. You can foresee the weather

Yes, you read it right. Our body has the ability to foresee the weather! A stiff, arthritic or aching joint will feel better just before a storm. A drop in atmospheric pressure causes a decrease in joint fluid pressure that causes pain. This is not a hearsay, this has been proven scientifically.

2. Predict the future

On a conscious level, the future may look inconceivable but our hearts may actually know how to tell us is going to happen. Participants from one study are looking at a set of pictures, some are neutral, some were created to prohibit a response. In this study, the result shows that heart rates increased as expected while participants are staring at a trigger picture but the rate actually speed up as much as

10 seconds before the picture appeared. Does our hearts know when something is about to happen?

3. Show your Affection

Do you have a secret crush? Avoid looking at his/her eyes. Researchers are done stating that our eyes dilate when we stare at someone we like or love. This giveaway is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system and occurs anytime when we look at anything that is beautiful or pleasing to us. If you don't want to show your eyes dilating, go in a dim place, so that your eyes will not tell on you.

4. Hulk strength

We've all heard about the concept of a mother becoming strong and being able to lift a car when her child is in great danger. This idea can actually happen in reality. Once the adrenaline has been released due to a stressful situation, you can expect for an exceptional outcome. Heart rate and respiration will increase, your digestive system will shut down. This helps your muscles to shrink more, allowing you to become stronger.

5. Look with your ears

If accidentally you go become blind, you still have a way to be able to roam around. Your body can make up for the sight you lost by using your ear. If you're familiar with Echolocation, the same thing bats do to go around during night time. This is the ability to figure out your surrounding using the sounds that you hear, specifically how they bounce around you. Daniel Kish is a professional mountain biker who is blind that uses echolocation.

6. Make the time slow

Have you watched the movie 'The Matrix'? There was a part in the movie that is called bullet time when all slows down and you can even observe time pass clearly. You can actually experience this. Some police officers and other people that are entangled in some uneasy position told that they saw things to go in slow motion like in movies right before their eyes. Since the brain is in extreme alert, you begin to think faster and as on outcome, everything around you looks sluggish. If we can only do this anytime, we could do more things faster.

These skills of our body looks to be unimaginable but we really do have this powers inside us. Some will only be activated if we are in great stress or it's a matter of life and death, some may be just a regular thing that we just don't notice. Anyhow, now we know that we don't have to put down our bodies, again!

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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