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Monday, July 2, 2018

Ace Your Examinations By Following These Reviewing Tips

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Nearly constant repetition without meaningful connections is called rote memorization, it has been proven that this technique doesn't work. Mnemonic devices(Acronyms) may be effective at first, but the decay of information will be fast. Creative thinking and imagination should be paired with the deep review, associations will surely help at the time of the examination.


This might be time-consuming and tricky at first but this reviewing tip works. Fusing creativity and analytical thinking may help in retaining information. An elaborate mind map is effective in synthesizing information and forming multiple connections.

Manage Your Time, DO NOT CRAM

Avoid procrastination! It has been proven that reviewing ahead of time on an occasional basis is better than a massed review that would last for hours. Cramming is detrimental in recalling information at the time of the examination. It is important to review in short, distributed time periods days before the examination. During these short time, periods of review perform self-evaluation or quizzing. Write important information on flashcards with diagrams to increase retrieval cues.

Image: Deakin University

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