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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Antarctica Is Melting In Alarming Rate And Starting To Turn Green

antartica, melting ice, global warming

The dreaded melting of polar caps is starting to get worse as time pass. Recent expeditions in some Northern Antarctic Islands ended with shocking conclusions. Scientists found out that some islands are almost thawed and starting to turn green because of moss growth.

Along with the thawed moss, there are also millennium-year-old viruses or microbes that can possibly cause disastrous pandemics because man is yet to develop immunity to these microbes. These microbes along with the moss are frozen since the Last Ice Age during the Pleistocene period.

antartica, melting ice, global warming

Since the airing of Al Gore's The Inconvenient Truth, more and more people are starting to be more aware of the effects of global warming. Tropical countries like the Philippines will suffer the most due to the effects of global warming. Rising sea levels and stronger weather disturbances will affect archipelagic states or countries with large coastlines.

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