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Saturday, July 28, 2018

BBC Documentary May Prove That Jesus Christ Was A Buddhist Monk Named Issa

 Jesus Christ, Buddhist Monk,  Issa

Many people would wonder of what happened to Jesus Christ in his so-called 'Lost Years'. There is no Biblical record of Christ's activities during his adolescence up to his young adulthood.

Clues of his activities were uncovered by a Russian doctor named Nicolas Notovitch. He discovered a mysterious Tibetan manuscript named The Life of Saint Issa which he believed to be the chronicles of the Lost Years of Jesus Christ.

Most Russians at the time before the October Revolution belong to the Eastern Orthodox Church. Nicolas Notovitch traveled the Middle East in the late 19th Century and in the year 1887, he got his hands on one of the most intriguing documents ever written. He broke his leg while trekking the mountainous regions of Leh, India where a Tibetan monastery stood overlooking the mountains.

The monastery sheltered the Life of Saint Issa manuscript and translated it into The Unknown Life of Christ. The book was published in 1894 and it tells the account of a holy man named Issa (direct translation of Issa is Son of God) which Notovich believed to be Jesus Christ himself.

Since the Unknown Life of Christ was published, other scholars followed Notovich's notions of the parallels between Issa and Jesus Christ. Most notably the famous Russian philosopher Nicolas Roerich. He made further improvements of Notovich's findings and even claimed to have found evidence of Christ's tenure as a Buddhist monk for 6 years in his early 20s.

There are many views regarding the historical accuracy of the New Testament. Some scholars believe that Jesus Christ was a fictional character created by Romans to trick Jews and to pacify the poor. But these conflicting evidence should be scrutinized by an open mind. Watch the documentary above and decide for yourself.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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