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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Chinese Woman Stored In A Freezer To Be Revived Years From Now

cryonics, Alcor Life Extension Foundation

Back then, the idea of cryonics seems to be something on paper or science fiction. But the science of cryonics is starting to flourish in the past years.

Recently, a Chinese woman named Zhan Weilan who ended her battle with lung cancer was preserved to be revived in the future.  Her husband volunteered for this cutting edge project to hopefully give her a new life in the future.

he project to preserve Zhan Weilan was lead by the non-profit cryonics Company the Alcor Life Extension Foundation. Alcor collaborated with the Yinfeng Biological Group to make their cryonics project possible.

Zhan Weilan's body is drenched in a concoction of organic compounds including 2,000 liters of liquid nitrogen. Her body is stored in a container with a 190 degrees Celsius temperature.

There are currently, at least 300 people in cryopreservation around the world as of 2017. Religious fundamentalists would feel upset and see cryogenics as a blasphemous act to undermine God's power to give life. But in the end, it will surely benefit many people and become essential in deep space exploration like the ones we have seen in many science fiction movies.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.
Image: Xavier Aaronson

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