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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Dark Age Kingdom: A Long-Lost Kingdom Found In Scotland

Dark Ages, Britain, Rheged Kingdom

Based on some archeological reports, a long lost empire thought to date back to the dark ages has been found not too long ago in Scotland. The archeologists strongly think that they have found the site of the long lost kingdom of Rheged, one of the most mysterious of all 6th-century kingdoms of Dark Age Britain.

Despite the fact that the great Kingdoms rapidly rose and were ruined in the Dark ages, and their marvelous constructions were lost in time, the very center of one of these long lost kingdom may have been found recently. Based on the reports, the mysterious Kingdom that is noted as the Kingdom of Rheged is thought to have been one of the most elusive of all kingdoms from Britain's Dark Ages.

During the 6th centuries, this kingdom occupied most of the northern Britain territory and became unknown after being purposely ravaged at the start of the 7th century. Intriguingly, the kingdom of Rheged was told to be governed by King Urien who came in the Arthurian legends. It is told that the said king married King Arthur's sister Morgan le Fay.

Their marriage was not happy so Morgan wanted to take the Excalibur to kill both Urien and Arthur and put herself and her lover Accolon on the throne. Earlier, the experts believed that the kingdom's ruin was located in Cumbria. The truth is that the precise location still lingers to be unknown since the medieval times, obviously up until now.

Dark Ages, Britain, Rheged Kingdom

A book by Ronan Toolis and Dr. Bowles, a Scottish Borders Council archaeologist that is called 'The Lost Dark Age Kingdom of Rheged' they said that Trusty's Hill was probably the royal seat of Rheged, a kingdom that had Galloway as it's center.

This was a place of religious, cultural and political change whose the gift to the culture of Scotland may not be credited because of recognition. In spite of the influence of Rheged, with Trusty's Hill at its earthly heart and Urien, its very famous King has still surged through the history and the literature of Scotland and outside.

On the dig site, they found out that Trusty's Hill was a complicated kind of fort that dates back at around 600 AD. Additionally, experts assumed that the layout of the settlement is the same as that of a high-status community during that era in the history.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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