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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Distinct Characteristics of Real People that Fake Ones Don't Have

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We all experience this dilemma of identifying the truthful people among the faces around us. The fake or insincere ones can disguise themselves behind those sweet and charming smiles.

Thus, they do not deserve our trust. It is undeniably difficult for almost every one of us to realize what their true motives are, much more to discover how they could possibly get there. It is believed that they can do whatever it takes to fulfill their desires.

On the other hand, with real and sincere friends (whom you will be thankful that you have them around you), one can expect great teamwork and camaraderie when you have them as members of a group where you belong. They will support you in every step of your journey.

But what could be the best way to discern the genuine from those who are not? Let us go deeper and discover different people’s true colors.

1. Respecting only the ones in Power

Truthful and sincere people are those who know how to respect everyone. They show appreciation of others’ presence and make sure that the people around them will feel special in one way or another. They also display politeness almost always, not only when they think that the situation will benefit them.

Those who can be labeled as fake ones may also show respect to some, but this could be the deceiving type. Note that they only choose the persons they would like to be friends with and most of the time, there are those who are superior to them. If they see you as somebody who doesn’t have anything they need, then don’t expect that they will spend even a minute with you. It is best to stay away from this kind of persons.

2. Selective Nice Attitude

It’s almost like the way they determine which people they will respect, insincere persons would also be nice in times when they see that the situation favors them. They will be a great company to be with when you help them get through something, but once they get what they want from you, they will be gone even before you notice it. Your fake friends may use you for their own gain, and nobody would want to be treated this way.

On the other hand, those who are true to you, will stay and will always be there. They sincerely want to be with you no matter what and they are likely to keep you as a treasure for a lifetime.

3. Talk in a Highly Flattering Manner

Just like being nice to a selected few, those fake companions would go as far as impressing their superiors most of the time. Shame and restraint seem to be not a part of their vocabulary. They would strive hard to achieve their hidden motives and wouldn’t care that much even if they already stand on others. Their sugar-coated words will surely overwhelm anyone. But behind those wide smiles, hides their true intentions.

Meanwhile, truthful people will just have it the honest way. For them, pleasing their superiors with unreal suppositions is not necessary in order for them to achieve their plan.

4. Not Having a Word of Honor

Truthful and sincere people will surely take every promise they make seriously. They value their word of honor. They will do almost everything just to keep a promise they make. This kind of people are the ones who are likely to possess commitment and sincerity, thus gaining the trust of everybody. The fake ones are as not as dependable. They are the ones who usually break the promise they made. If someone around you is like this, it will be better for you not to trust him or her that much.


Truthful people are very rare nowadays, thus, it is a great blessing if you have a few of them around you. You can see on the way they treat you and the people around you how genuine they are.

Furthermore, it is inevitable to encounter fake people along your journey. But for as long as you distance yourself from them, everything will go well.

Written by Kristine Ang, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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