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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Doctor Saved The Life of His Estranged Wife Ended Up Being Cheated And Divorced

Dr. Richard Batista,  Dawnell Batista

The tragic story of Dr. Richard Batista and his estranged wife made people question the value of reciprocity. In 2001, Dr. Batista donated his own kidney to save the life of Dawnell Batista, his former wife. A couple of years later Dr. Batista found out that Dawnell is cheating on him. Years later, the doctor demanded his ex-wife to pay him a million dollars and demanded that his kidney should be returned to him.

It was reported that Dr. Batista caught his wife cheating on him. Dr. Batista found out that a physical therapist and his wife are having an affair 2 years after the surgery. But Dr. Batista still kept the marriage alive until 3 years after having enough and he finally decided to file a divorce.

Dawnell defended herself and claimed that Batista is too controlling and authoritarian. She also noted Dr. Batista's cold behavior towards her after the surgery. Dawnell did not give access for Batista to see their 3 kids.

Men's rights activists were angered by the tragic fate of Dr. Batista. They claimed that other than the children, husbands were the most affected in the divorce. Members of the RedPill subreddit always cite this story as a warning that marriage is not a good idea nowadays.

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