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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Giant Skeletons From China Continue To Baffles Researchers

Longshan civilization, Giant Skeleton

In the past years, remains of giant skeletons are found around the globe. There are also some alleged specimens of giants in suspended animation. Recently, a group of archaeologists from China unearthed remains of gigantic beings in Jiaojia Village in Shandong, China.

The skeletons were initially discovered in 2016, but in the first week of July 2017, the discovery was revealed to the world. Archaeologists believe that the bones belong to the enigmatic Longshan civilization that thrived 5000 years ago. Back then, the figments of evidence left by the Longshan civilization were only ornate potteries and giant footprints.

It is one of the first mass graves that the Longshan civilization left to the world. Some Young Earth Theorist or Creationists believe that they are remains of the Nephilim that vanquished during the Great Flood.

The remains unearthed were more than 6ft tall. The average height of a Chinese citizen is about 5.6 feet tall. Science websites such as IFL, Science Alert. etc also covered the story of the mysterious giants that thrived 5000 years ago. The origin of these giants still remains a mystery.

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