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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

How Each Zodiac Sign Reacts When They Are In A Life Crisis

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Each one of us will face problems, some of it is so serious that it can be classified as a crisis. Did you know that each zodiac sign has a different way to cope with these problems?

Each zodiac sign has a unique way to get through these obstacles in life.


Prefers to face problems alone but feels upset when no one is offering a helping hand. May open up his/her problems when he can't take it anymore. Likes to treat himself once the storm is over.


Decisive and stays true to his will. May ask for help if the situation is really serious. Shows deep gratitude to those people who are with him in the darkest times.


Tactful and understanding at first, but may be lost in his/her battle in the middle of the crisis. May blame other people for his/her failures. But apologizes if he/she went too far.


Asks for other's help immediately. May look for people who have gone through her obstacles and learn from them. In turn, he/she will give advice to other people going through hard times.


Easily brought down by problems despite strong personality. May associate present challenges into past ones. Learns from past mistakes and in turn, correct these mistakes and finally solve the problem.


Tries to stay positive while in a crisis. May distract himself/herself in the best of his abilities. In that way, he/she faced the problem with less difficulty and is not worried too much.


Tries to solve problems to the best of his/abilities in the shortest and rational way possible. Asks for help only when needed. Can be a helping hand to other people recently facing an obstacle.


May easily give up, but swiftly changes ways to cope with the challenge in life. Likes to think that he/she is still lucky despite harsh circumstances. Likes to cheer up people going through similar harsh paths of life.


Frequently asks for help, cannot face the problem alone. Once gained enough advice, will start to act alone. Uses strange ways to cope with problems in life and is not afraid to share the same tricks on others.


Chooses not to feel very upset when facing a problem. Great in keeping his/her cool in the middle of the crisis. May give up if no help is coming from his/her loved ones.


Prefers to stay positive but always expect for the worst. Expert in going with the flow of events. Stays optimistic despite having great difficulties.


Likes to give joy to other people despite facing hard times. May feel frustrated when alone and help seems not possible in the meantime. Can easily cope with problems by giving joy to other people.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.


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