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Friday, July 6, 2018

Humans Can Achieve Immortality By 2045 According To Russian A Russian Billionaire

Dmitri Itskov, Immortality, Avatar Project, 2045

Since the ancient times, mankind has sought for the fountain of eternal youth. Fast forward in the 21st Century, a Russian billionaire named Dmitri Itskov claimed that human immortality is possible by the year 2045.

 He also founded the 2045 Initiative with the sole intention of making eternal life possible. Much more surprising that the first phase of the 2045 Initiative is expected to start in 2020. By that time neural laces would enable humans to control machines using their brain.

The most important thing in our project is the study of the brain, the study of the nature of consciousness, revealing its potential, and also searching for a means to transfer an individual consciousness, the personality of a human being, to an alternative carrier. This will help our civilization make a spiritual, intellectual and technological breakthrough. -Dmitry Itskov

Anyone who has seen the 2014 film Transcendence will have a clue regarding uploaded consciousness. The idea seems too far-fetched according to some pragmatists. Given the limited capabilities of today's binary computing, it is not possible yet to upload the human mind in software form. The 2045 Initiative has the prospect of building hologram avatars with humanoid shapes containing the uploaded consciousness of the individual, thus achieving immortality.

Religious fundamentalists are revolted by the prospects of the 2045 Initiative. For them it's blasphemous and they see it as a heresy crafted by Satan himself. They assert that it is the Devil's way of making mankind less spiritual but more material. It is indeed true, that if the human soul or spirit exists, or if the 21 grams hypothesis turned out to be real the project indeed has a disturbing implication.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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