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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Lovers of Valdaro: The Eternal Lovers

Lovers of Valdaro

'Til death do us part' is the last passage in most wedding vows. Interestingly, lovers dating back 6,000 years ago took it seriously. They are dubbed as the Lovers of Valdaro. Their tomb was discovered 10 years ago in Giorgio near Mantua, Italy. Archaeologists often consider them as the 'Neolithic Romeo And Juliet'.

Valdaro is the name of the village where the lovers are unearthed, hence the name Lovers of Valdaro.
It is also noted that double burials during the Neolithic period are extremely rare. That made their discovery groundbreaking. It will be remembered how the ancient lovers received extensive worldwide attention after their discovery that coincided with the Valentine's Day. According to estimations, the lovers are probably 20 years old at the time of their deaths.

Archaeologists have observed that they didn't die a violent or painful death. The absence of fractured skull or bones is the strongest evidence to support it. Researchers believed that they might have died a peaceful and natural death and they are just set on that peculiar position as lovers. There is an astonishing coincidence found between Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet and the Lovers of Valdaro. They are discovered in the place where the story of the star-crossed lovers is set.

Lovers of Valdaro

We can see the Lovers at the Archaeological Museum of Mantua. The Lovers of Valdaro are currently displayed on a reinforced glass case for the public to see. The discovery of the lovers is one of the most groundbreaking discoveries in the field of archeology and anthropology.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.Image: Wikipedia

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