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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Mimic Octopus: Meet The Master of Disguise

Mimic Octopus, Master of Disguise

The mimic octopus is a peculiar sea creature.  Its level of intelligence is said to be off the charts since they can imitate behaviors of nearly a dozen other sea creatures. It has the ability to mimic the movements of sea snakes, stingrays, shrimps, crabs, lionfish, flounders, starfishes and even crabs.

There are many animals known to science that can perform camouflage in order to protect themselves from predators or to aid them to hunt their prey. But they are not on par with the Mimic octopuses' ability to turn into many forms. Marine biologists even noted that some of these octopuses became detached from their own identity because of their excessive mimicry.

The mimic octopus can imitate the movements of some notable fishes. They can imitate the way a flatfish, a lionfish and a stingray act or appear in the sea floor. These species of fish are poisonous and their appearance is enough to discourage predators from eating them. Surprisingly, the mimic octopus can also pretend to be swimming sea snakes, this disguise can also ward predators.

Mimic octopuses do not only use their ability to ward off predators, they can also use their ability to easily attack their prey. The can imitate seemingly harmless sea creatures to perform sneak attacks. They are also known to imitate jellyfishes sea anemones, starfishes, and shrimps.

Image: TripAdvisor

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