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Monday, July 30, 2018

Proof Of Afterlife Revealed In The Latest NDE Research?

Duncan MacDougall, afterlife, Near-Death-Experience

What lies on the other side? Myths and religions tried to answer this question using distinct views of the afterlife. Can science finally offer a definite answer to what lies beyond death?

The interest of people in the scientific research of the afterlife all started on the 21 grams theory of Duncan MacDougall. According to Duncan, the weight of the human soul is approximately 21 grams. There are many detractors of Duncan's theory, modern scientists consider the 21 grams theory as pseudoscience.

Fast forward nearly a century after the 21 grams theory is conceived, a group of British scientists conducted the largest NDE (near death experience) study to date. More than 2000 people from around the globe shared their experiences of the other world, most of them had nearly fatal cardiac arrests and suffered comatose.

They collected the accounts of these people into a journal titled Resuscitation. It was revealed in the study that the subjects experienced the same 3-minute sequence of having heavenly sights in hellish visions. The 3 minute period is considered a limbo between life and death. The video below is a documentary about Near-Death Experiences.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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