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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Sitting For Long Periods Of Time Shortens Your Lifespan

sitting on office

Modern work made everything easier with the aid of computers and the Internet. The modern workforce relies on computers and workers are often sitting for a long stretch of hours. Our bodies are designed for frequent locomotion and sitting too much may have a negative effect on one's health. Recent studies confirmed that sitting for long periods of time shortens the lifespan of a person.

Studies are conducted by many doctors around the world. The conclusion of their studies is very unsettling. They found out that by sitting for at least 3 hours a day will cut a person's life expectancy by 2 months. The risks of a person to contract a cardiovascular disease are increased if he/she sits too much.

Prolonged sitting is not advised and not natural for the human body. Unfortunately, even exercise seems to not counteract the effect of extended sitting periods. It is advised to stand frequently or stretch a little and not let your body to be set in an idle mode for hours. Not stretching also affects the posture of the person.

Much more unsettling is the fact that sitting for more than 3 hours is often linked to some types of cancer. According to a certain Dr. Mercola, a person who sits too much have increased chances of getting lung cancer by 54%, Colon cancer by 30% and Uterine Cancer by 66%(for women).

All these facts might scare a lot of people. The seemingly safe TV watching while chilling habit has this full-blown effect on one's health. So it's highly advised to change routines and avoid sitting for long extended hours and exercise frequently.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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