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Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Hidden Consequences of Depression

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Statistics show that more and more people are diagnosed with depression. Several factors make people embrace solitude that leads to depression. Shockingly, there is a new finding that depression is in fact, more lethal than smoking and obesity.
The physiological effects of depression by far transcends it's mental health consequences. Recent studies have shown that depression leads to a lot of diseases affecting organs and systems. Depressed people are shown to be at risk of having a sudden cardiac arrest.

The most lethal side of depression is harboring suicidal thoughts. Compulsivity and self-harm brought by depression can lead to suicide. There should be widespread public awareness about suicide statistics in order to prevent people from taking their own lives.

Psychologists believe that depressed people tend to have high expectations of things to come. They tend to be intelligent and cynical. The most positive advice from them is to find like-minded people to talk to and socialize to contain the symptoms of depression. It is also advised by nutritionists to cut sugar consumption, there is a high correlation between depression and high sugar consumption.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.
Image: Leaf Science

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