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Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Less Obvious Causes Of Mental Fatigue

Mental Fatigue

A stressful job, lack of sleep, unhealthful diet, relationship problems and health conditions –these are the usual factors that we can link to feeling emotionally or mentally drained. But how sure are you that these are the only reasons?

Little did we know, in our typical days, there are these “less obvious” causes of why we feel tired all the time. Now, these factors are “less obvious” because we’ve never thought that these could possibly harm us:

1. Being a Gadget-Savvy

In our modern society these days, we could say gadgets, especially phones and laptops, are now considered as necessities. However, these “necessities” emit blue light which could greatly affect our Circadian Rhythm. Circadian Rhythm is our body’s natural time-teller. It tells the body when to sleep and when to wake up.

So, when one is exposed with too much blue light, his body would respond to the stimulus that the blue light gives, causing his natural body clock to change. As a result, he tends to stay awake later than the time he needs to sleep.

To avoid this, limit the use of gadgets before bedtime and keep your gadgets away from you when it’s time to sleep.

2. Hanging Around with Toxic People

Who would have thought that even the persons around you can cause you mental fatigue? Studies show that the very reason why most people fail to maintain relationships is negative interactions. It has been proven that criticisms and insults are five times more powerful than positive words.

So the more we are exposed to toxic people, the more stressful and the more drained we become. Now, before you hang around with someone, being choosy might save you from these toxic people.

3. The Honks and Bonks of the City Life

We all have heard of “noise pollution”, right? More than we could think of, this kind of pollution, more than to ears, could actually do much more damage to our body. From the moment we wake up to the time when we are about to sleep –noises are almost everywhere.

One study exposed that noise pollution can really cause us physical damage. For instance, the aircraft and road traffic noise has brought an increase in the number of people with hypertension and high blood pressure. In London, the areas surrounding the airport declared that there was an increase in death by cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease as well as stroke.

A minute or two of “noise break” would be very helpful.

Mental fatigue is an alarming symptom of many other life-threatening diseases. Whatever is the cause of it, be it obvious or not, don’t think twice. Let’s prevent it NOW.

Written by Chlester P. Dacuba, Lucis Philippines contributor.
Image: Rhythmic Healing Art Studio

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