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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Why You Should Mix Butter In Your Coffee

bulletproof coffee

This is a new way to kickstart our day! A recent coffee recipe mixed with butter is dubbed as the bulletproof coffee. The honorific 'bulletproof' in this coffee will speak for itself once you know how to properly prepare this drink.

Some people raised eyebrows when they first read this trend. ''Why the hell would I mix a butter in my coffee? It is supposed to be in my bread not in a cup!'' - Some doubters say. Health conscious folks would even fear that butter might give them heart-related problems. But they should put their suspicions aside! The bulletproof coffee will help you kickstart and face the rough day ahead!

This trend was first popularized by Dave Asprey. He claimed that when a person consumed the bulletproof coffee in the morning he'll gain enhanced cognitive functions and feel less stressed after hours of hard work. The essential nutrients found in butter and antioxidants present in certain types of coffee will aid the person's mental functions and even his immune system.

He warned that a recipe must be followed to achieve optimum results. There are several instructional videos available online. Do watch these videos and follow the instructions.


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