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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Widow Felt Shattered After Getting Nothing From Her Dead Millionaire Husband

Sandrine Devillard , Marcel Amphoux

A French woman named Sandrine Devillard is gaining online notoriety because of her actions. She lost her legal battle to her former husband's relatives. The legal battle involving the inheritance of millions of euros from her dead husband. She got nothing from her husband's multi-million wealth and property.

Sandrine married Marcel Amphoux in 2011, she is 25 years old younger than Marcel. Marcel lived a simple rural life despite having millions of euro worth of property. Marcel gained that wealth by living a humble life and being a good landlord over his tenants.

Sandrine Devillard

He is a strange man according to the people around him. Even though he has enough money to buy fab clothes and false teeth he chooses to look and live like a hermit. His qualities is an exact opposite of Sandrine. Sandrine is described by her friends as a glamorous woman. She is materialistic in the eyes of Marcel's tenants. Marcel loved Sandrine despite her bad reputation and materialistic character.

Tragedy came when Marcel died in a car crash in 2012. What is strange in the car crash is that it involves 2 other people other than Marcel, Sandrine's two friends. They survived with minimal injuries. Many people noticed that something is wrong with Marcel's death. During Marcel's funeral, many people are disgusted by the actions of  Sandrine. They noticed that Sandrine just used Marcel for his wealth. Sandrine forced Marcel's tenants out of his land.

Sandrine's actions were halted because of the discovery of Marcel's last will and testament. It was written there that the land will be inherited by the tenants and the remaining property will go to Marcel's female cousin. His last will didn't even mention anything about Sandrine or her inheritance. The legal battle is won and Sandrine didn't get Marcel's wealth and property.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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