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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Your Brain Will Consume Itself If You Don't Get Enough Sleep, Studies Confirm

sleep deprivation, lack of sleep

A new study has shown that your brain will start eating itself up if you don't get enough sleep. Italian scientists from Marche Polytechnic University found out that if a person sleeps for less than 8 hours his/her brain will decrease its size and he/she will have a higher risk of getting brain tumors or worse, cancer.

Much more shocking is the fact that the effect of sleep deprivation seems to be irreversible. Contrary to the popular belief of neuroplasticity(the brain repairs itself if it gets strained by multiple factors), it appears that the damage of neurons and synaptic connection poses mental health risks.

Our technological dependence exacerbates the effects of sleep deprivation. There are many studies confirming the insomnia-inducing the effect of LCD displays from our gadgets. Gadget induced depletion of melatonin(the sleep hormone) affects the quality of sleep. It is highly recommended to reduce gadget use before sleeping.

Image: Hindustan Times

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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