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Saturday, August 25, 2018

American Man Actually Marries His Beloved Laptop

Chris Sevier

There are many reports of people marrying inanimate objects. Few year ago, a number of people married their gadgets, like Chris Sevier from the USA. Chris is a self-proclaimed technophile and took things to another level. He exchanged vows with his laptop in New Mexico earlier this year.

But many people raised their eyebrows over his heartfelt devotion towards his own laptop. For example, the state of Utah did not recognize the union of Chris and his laptop because marrying a gadget or inanimate objects are not allowed in that state. And he sued a pastry shop owner/baker who refused to craft a wedding cake for Chris and his laptop. He even filed a lawsuit on the baker and he demanded $75,000 compensation for the damages.

Unorthodox wedding ceremonies are creating a lot of buzzes lately. It may sound strange to many people but who are we to judge people for their choices? If they can really feel some sort of presence in objects where they have an affinity to, a serious study of panpsychism (the notion that even nonliving things have 'consciousness') should be considered.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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