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Monday, August 13, 2018

Ancient Alchemists May Have Built Mysterious Structures

Since the advent of archeology, many people wondered how large structures are perfectly built by workers, who supposed to be at that time with limited tools must have resorted to hard, collective, and forced labor. There are also conspiracy theorists who believed that it would be impossible for man to construct such huge structures. They believe that aliens may have built the said structures.

How can a man of science explain how these mysterious structures are built? Joseph Davidovits, a French chemist says that he has unlocked the secrets of how mysterious structures are constructed.

gate of sun

Davidovits asserts that: The building blocks for the megaliths were not lavishly cut and hauled; they were simply cast on the spot. He believed that ancient workers could have carried containers full of mineral concoction and mold it in the shape desired. They could’ve dumped the concoction into wooden casts or sculpted figures. He claimed it was the workers trained as alchemists constructed structures like The Great Pyramids, The Sun Gate of Tiahuanaco, Easter Island Heads and many others.

Joseph Davidovits

Davidovits believe that the Late Stone to Early Copper Age is the Golden Age of Alchemy, a time when people took clues from the environment to learn to transmute minerals into different forms. If Davidovits' hypothesis is true, then people will have a different picture of ancient technologies. Ancient people had to be intelligent or they could never have built and finished highly durable structures that are still intact up to this day.

He says that:
Ancient people were Homo Sapiens(he stresses the word sapiens). Sapiens meaning ''knowing''. They had a faculty of intelligence. They were surprisingly like us.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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