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Friday, August 17, 2018

Chinese Boy Can See In The Dark, Is He A Real Life Mutant?

Nong Yousui, Cat Boy

Since the airing of Stan Lee's Superhumans, many people have realized that some people are born extraordinary. There is a boy who garnered online fame when his story was published by mainstream media outlets. It is strange for a Chinese boy to have blue eyes and much more unique about this boy is that he can see in the dark like a cat!

His name is Nong Yousui, his playmates called him the Cat Boy because of his distinctive eye color. His father noted that he noticed Nong's eye was way different because of its clear blue hue. He gave an exceptional natural night vision. In an experiment, he answered a set of math problems in complete darkness. Surprisingly, he managed to answer these problems precisely. Even though he excelled in seeing in the dark, he had a hard time staying outside in bright sunlight because of his sensitive eyes.

As of now, we have still no updates regarding Nong's recent whereabouts. He might be in his mid-late adolescence at this point in time. He is a subject of lots of skepticism since his story became viral in the year 2012. His feat was only demonstrated in a footage by CCTV in the year 2009.

It is still a mystery why he wasn't featured in Stan Lee's Superhumans. This raised the speculations that the story might be an elaborate hoax. But I beg to disagree, doctors and scientists have analyzed Nong's vision and they confirmed that he indeed has an exceptional vision.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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