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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Did Life Originate On Earth Or Did It Came From Another Planet?

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Alexei Sharov, a geneticist from the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore and Richard Gordon, a biologist from Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory in Florida were able to apply Moore's law to biological systems.

They were able to get a result that life did not originate on Earth. It came from a place that existed before our planet was formed.

Gordon E. Moore discovered Moore's Law in 1965, he became one of the founders of Intel after 3 years. He was able to create it based on his personal observations and then released it in the Journal of electrics, where he presented his forecast for microelectronics. Moore was able to predict that the number of transistors on chips will go double yearly.
This resulted in processors that are cheaper, smaller and faster. After 10 years, he then corrected himself and stated that every 2 years, the doubling of transistors will take place which became the as the Moore's Law.

Because of Moore's Law, it is very possible to anticipate the future by investigating the past and the present states of a complex and growing system. Sharov and Gordon took to solving the inverse problem, trying to describe the past based on the present and establishing a special method for this purpose.

Before they applied the methods to biology, the scientists applied it to semiconductors technology, which, thanks to Moore's Law justified their existence. Their methods determined that based on the data present, the first chip would have existed in 1960 and so it did.

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Verified successfully, Sharov and Gordon replaced the electronics with nucleotides, this is the material which adds complexity to the evolutionary process of DNA and RNA. They identified that the basic genome multiplies by 2 in complexity every 376 million years. This means that the earliest signs of life begun about 10 billion years ago.

With that said, the Earth may not be the cradle of life. Come to think of it, the earth is just 4.5 billion years old. So as it turns out, Life could have emerged before our planet was formed someplace else.

Using Moore's Law, the computation will please supporters of the Panspermia hypothesis which is that life on Earth came from the cosmos if the form of a bacteria that came to Earth on a comet or meteorites or maybe from aliens that visited earth.

Those who believe that there is advanced alien civilization out there should rejoice. Because if life is almost 10 billion years old, there should be no other reason they would not exist. Expect a visit from aliens from one of these days or maybe they've already done. Sharov and Gordon's calculation gives us high hopes.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.
Image: SlideShare, Alamy

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