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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Draco Volans: Meet The Real Dragons

dragon, draco volan

Dragons are mythological creatures in both Western and Eastern cultures. Did you know that dragons really exist? Of course, not huge fire-breathing dragons, but small lizards that have draconian features. They are found in South and Southeast Asian countries(including the Philippines), they are called 'common flying dragon' (scientific name: Draco Volans).
Common flying dragons are not like their voracious mythological counterparts. Their diet consists mostly of ants, termites and other small insects. Draco Volans can only grow up to 20 centimeters(8 inches) long. Fortunately, their numbers are not dwindling and they are freely thriving in their natural habitat.

Draco Volans have a natural flight altitude of at least 30 feet. With their ability of flight, they can catch many insects and evade predation. Draco Volans have a rather peculiar egg laying habit. After all, they are reptiles, not avians. Instead of laying eggs on trees, female Dracos lay their eggs on the ground. Draco Volans like many other animals plays a huge role in our ecosystem. Even though their conservation status is fine, we must take care of their habitat so that the next generations will see dragons as well.

Written by Adjie Perez, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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