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Monday, August 6, 2018

Easy Ways To Fight Body Odor

body odor

It is never a great experience to be called as someone who has "body odor". People might change their impression of you which may lead to a drastic drop in your confidence level. The first thing we need to know if we want to avoid this thing from happening is to know what causes this condition.
Contrary to popular belief, body odor is not purely caused by sweat. In fact, sweating allows our body to maintain its natural temperature. It also helps us to eliminate the wastes inside our system. But if you perspire a lot, there is a high possibility that for bacterial growth on the moist surfaces of your body skin, particularly in the underarm and groin area. These bacteria break down the protein content in our sweat which is transformed into certain acids.


Being overweight is sometimes linked to body odor. Obese people are said to be more likely to have this kind of situation. The unpleasant smell may actually begin to be more evident during the puberty stage -- the time when our body undergoes hormonal changes and life activities become more demanding and rigid.

Those who fancy eating spicy food, and people with other medical conditions like diabetes, are also susceptible to body odor. Still, the most common reason for having this is poor hygiene.


1. Keep ourselves clean and "dry".

Take a bath or shower regularly. Wash thoroughly the parts where sweating becomes excessive. After you shower, make sure that you dry yourself properly and completely for the odor-causing bacteria live in moist places.

2. Choose antibacterial soap.

Ladies, having a rich, vibrant, and moisturized skin is a dream of almost everyone. But this can be destroyed if you have a nasty, distracting smell. So the next time you go to the grocery, make sure to add antibacterial soaps to your cart. Antibacterial soaps have properties that eliminate the root cause of body odor. (We strongly recommend soaps with natural ingredients.)

3. Antiperspirants and deodorants

One of the most common things we can do to avoid having body odor is to use deodorants. The sad thing is, the result of these products varies from person to person. Choose the kind of deodorant suited to your lifestyle and to your body condition. Some deodorants have ingredients which may not match your skin type and lifestyle. If you want to use all-natural deodorants, there are multiple variants available in the market.

4. Use fresh clothes.

Avoid using the same shirt or repeatedly. Always wear newly washed clothes. Used shirts may already contain odor-causing bacteria. Using detergents with antibacterial properties on your clothes will also help you prevent having body odor.

Change clothes when it is necessary. If you perspire a lot, make you sure you have extra shirts you can wear. Do not wear the same pair of socks over and over again.

5. Improve your diet.

You are what you eat. The food and drinks that we consume is also a great contributing factor to having body odor. Spicy food makes us sweat more and other food ingredients which have an aromatic smell such as onion and garlic can be carried to our body smell.

6. Baking soda.

This household product serves different roles in our lives and being a natural antiperspirant is one of those. This acts as an absorbing agent of sweat.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar.

Yes, you read it right. Apple cider vinegar is also one of the must-have household products. Just apply the vinegar on the areas prone to sweating.

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