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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Fake Chinese Tapioca Pearls Are Made From Old Rubber Tires And Shoe Soles

tapioca pearls, black pearls

Original black tapioca pearls are made from sweet potato, cassava starch, and brown sugar. Usually, these pearls are mixed with some cold drinks such as shakes and milk teas. Shockingly, there are various reports in China that some of the black pearls are made of old tires and shoe soles. How to distinguish between the fake and the genuine black pearls before reaching your digestive tract?

Counterfeit black pearls can cause serious health problems once eaten. For example, A Chinese news reporter who once consumed milk teas complained constant piercing stomach pain she has undergone a CT scan and the result of her CT scan was shocking. Her stomach was full of undigested black pearls.

tapioca pearls, black pearls


Real black pearls made of sweet potato, cassava starch, and brown sugar are usually easier to chew and may leave starchy texture in the tongue. On the contrary, fake black pearls are harder to chew and a strange aftertaste will be felt while chewing. If the black pearls exhibit the characteristics of the latter spit it out and stop drinking the tea or shake.

Written by Kristine Ang, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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