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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Genuine Body Pain Caused by Heartbreaks

broken hearted, heartbreak

To say that heartbreaks can be really painful is an understatement – they can be devastating. Everything around you seems to fall apart.

Yes, of course, situations differ from person to person. There are those who were gifted with the ability to easily move on. But for the others, heartbreaks are hard to accept.

Obviously, some of us think that it is the heart that suffers the most during or after breakups. But the pain caused by the heartbreaks also affects our body in general. Here are some bodily reactions that occur when we experience heartbreaks.

1. The literal kind of PAIN.

People who have just came from a fresh break-up usually complain about experiencing pains in their head and stomach area. Most of them even say that their hearts are literally breaking because of sudden failure to function normally.

They experience these conditions because their body reacts to the abrupt changes that the person undergoes. The pain they “think that they feel” shows up as literal physical distress.

2. You become more STRESSED than ever.

Stress is defined as a feeling of strain or pressure and too much of it can lead to serious health issues.

People who just came from heartbreaks tend to overthink, which causes them great worry, anxiety, and frustration. If they will be like this for too long, then most likely their body would react negatively.

It is best and safe to suggest for them to be engaged in activities that will help them to cope up with their situation as soon as possible. They need to relax and rest in order for them to release all of their anxieties.

3. Changes in appetite.

Two things happen to the heartbreak survivors: it is either they deprive themselves of eating, or they indulge themselves with a lot of food.

Either of these two is bad for our health.

Those who stop eating will lose weight and those who do “stress-eating’ will gain it. Both of which may lead to more serious health conditions.

4. Heartbreak Syndrome

It is understandable to see a person being sad after he or she parts from a person he used to love. But if this continues for a long duration, then chances are, it will lead to depression which is far more difficult to deal with.

Once you realize the need for a psychological intervention, do not hesitate to tell the people around you so that they can help you get through this phase of your life.

5. You become distracted.

Heartbreaks can make us occupied with the thoughts of the person who left us. Memories of them keep coming back into our minds. This phenomenon gives us a roller coaster of emotions.

This can make us distracted and less focused on making it hard for us to avoid committing mistakes and forget things we usually do.

If these keep up, you may start to take a short break first until you finally refocus yourself.

broken hearted, heartbreak

6. Your heart is slowing down.

Things are different when it is the heart that is having problems. Sudden changes in your heartbeat, pulse rate, breathing, are enough reasons for you to pay a visit to your doctor.

Broken Heart Syndrome comes after a break-up and it is somehow necessary to seek professional help if you think you are suffering from this to avoid having more serious complications.

7. Difficulty in sleeping

Since you tend to fill yourself with negative thoughts and you are deeply drowned in loneliness, it becomes harder for you to turn off your mind and sleep.

It will take you hours before you fall asleep. The worst thing here is the more you force yourself to sleep, the more you feel awake.

Listening to soft music can come in handy in this situation.

On the other hand, there are also some people who sleep a lot after breakups. It is their way of coping up with their loss. 

8. Being more sensitive than before

Some of us say that the lowest part of our lives is the time after a break-up. We feel broken and become more sensitive than how we usually do. We take things around us negatively. Slight remarks or comments from people might hurt us even if those are unintentional.

Surround yourself with positive or cheerful people as much as possible.

9. Alone Time

There is a great desire for you to be just by yourself. It is not because you are being too dramatic, but because you just don’t want somebody else to feel sad about you.

10. The need to be withdrawn

It is normal to experience this after a break-up. You discontinue doing things you used to do especially those that remind you of the person who left you with a broken heart.

11. Changes in menstruation (for ladies)

According to research, women who suffer from too much stress experience some changes in their menstrual periods. Stress affects the hypothalamus, the organ responsible for the function of the pituitary gland. This gland controls the ovaries of women.

12. Your body becomes weak.

After heartbreaks, a person might easily catch some common illnesses. This is due to a weaker immune system.

As much as possible, take care of your health too. The pain you endured was enough.

13. Hair loss

This condition is unavoidable if you are under so much stress. If a lot of your hair starts to fall off, seek immediate professional help.

14. Cramps

Menstrual cramps are normal for women. But emotional and mental stress can worsen the situation.

There are some exercises you can perform in dealing with menstrual cramps or take some meds to ease up the pain.

15. You tend to Doubt Yourself

After a break-up, people feel that they are unworthy. Self-pity is very common among them. This occurs because your confidence is being dragged down.

It’s normal, for as long as you do not get stuck with that feeling for a long time.

Final say:

Heartbreaks are not solely caused by broken romantic relationships. Family problems, forgotten friendships, disappointments or failures, these are some other common reasons for a broken heart.

No matter what happens, it is important to remind yourself to get up and move forward.

Written by Kristine Ang, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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