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Monday, August 13, 2018

Health Foods That Might Not Be Very Healthy

dried fruits

Vegetables are known to be the top health foods out there. Yet, not all vegetables are good for you. Yes, you read that right. Depending on your diet and health condition, there are certain veggies, and fruits and other dishes, that you need to avoid or you might get worse.

Check out our list below of some known "health foods" that might not be so healthy at all.

Image: Taste of Home
1. Peas

Peas are one of the veggies that don't really taste good. Aside from that, they are also high on glycemic which can be linked to weight gain and acne. Beauty-conscious individuals should avoid eating this.

Bell Peppers
Image: Backyard Gardening Blog
2. Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are lovely, but too much of them can lead to a disastrous effect on one's health. Green or unripe bell peppers are known to have a high amount of toxic chemical called solanine, which can cause gastrointestinal and neurological disorders. On the other hand, red or ripe bell peppers are generally considered safe.

Frozen Veggie Burgers
3. Frozen Veggie Burgers
Even though they are called "veggie burgers", we should always remember that any food that's been processed, and eventually frozen, are generally not healthy due to the number of preservatives and chemicals that have been used on them during the process.

Coconut and Almond Milk in Cartons

4. Coconut and Almond Milk in Cartons

Coconut and almond milk are known to be highly beneficial to our health. However, just like any food that's been processed, these milk in carton boxes have been added with artificial vitamins which can be dangerous. Moreover, some milk in cartons has been determined by the World Health Organization (WHO) to contain carcinogens.

Image: The Spruce Eats
5. Yogurt

Yogurts are delicious and nutritious. But most store-bought yogurts contain the same amount of sugar that candy bars have. Uh-oh. Not good for those who are in low-sugar and weight loss diet. Better go with plain yogurt and top them with fresh fruits at home.

Dried Fruits
Image: AzerNews
6. Dried Fruits

It should be common sense here that these dried snacks have already lost the nutrients that their fresh counterparts possess. They are also packed with preservatives and sugar.

Agave Nectar
Image: Dr. Weil
7. Agave Nectar

Although agave nectar is much preferred over artificial sweeteners, it actually contains more fructose than the average artificial sweetener.

Egg Substitutes
Image: Swanson Vitamins
8. Egg Substitutes

Nope, trading a few cholesterols for a bunch of preservatives isn't a wise decision at all. Besides, eating some few whole eggs a week will not hurt you.

Written by Kristine Ang, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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