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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Facts About Dandruff And Ways On How To Solve It


The sudden urge to scratch our scalp is usually linked to having dandruff. Here are some things you need to know about it.
  • Dandruff is scales of the greasy keratotic material shed from the scalp. This is normal for it is a process of releasing dead skin cells from our scalp. But, excessive flaking is something you should be worried about. 
  • Contrary to the popular belief, dandruff is not caused by poor hygiene. There is no substantive evidence to support this claim. 
  • There is no need to worry if someone close to you suffers from dandruff. It is not contagious. 
  • Having dandruff is not a serious condition but if left untreated, this may become a chronic disorder. 
  • Other skin health conditions like psoriasis and eczema are linked to having dandruff. 
  • A lot of commercialized hair products, especially shampoos, are available in the market but not all of them will work for you. You may seek the opinion of a dermatologist to know which one is the most appropriate for your condition. 
  • Shampooing the hair too often is eyed as also one of the possible causes of dandruff. 
  • There are available and easy home remedies we can use to treat dandruff. 

To treat dandruff problems, here are some things you can do:

1. Wash your hair at least twice a week using gogo shampoo or commercial shampoo for your dry hair. Make sure you massage your scalp well. Consult a dermatologist for the best shampoo for your skin condition.

2. Comb and massage head very well.

3. Apply fresh coconut oil onto your head and hair at least once a week. Massage the oil on the scalp and leave it for 10 minutes.

4. Rinse your hair with water mixed with vinegar.

Here are some plants used in some countries to eliminate dandruff:

 Leaves of turmeric plant

1. Leaves of turmeric plant

Pound the rhizomes. Apply the juice on the scalp and hair and gently massage it. Leave it on overnight and rinse it the next morning. 

Gogo bark shampoo

2. Gogo bark shampoo
Soak the gogo bark in a basin of cold water for 30 minutes before the shampoo. Squeeze the juice in the water and put the juice of 3 calamansi. Wet hair very well and use this as shampoo. Rinse well. 

Aloe vera leaves

3. Aloe vera leaves

Extract the juice from the leaves. Apply the juice and massage scalp one hour before shampoo.

Dandruff is nothing serious. But will you wait until you become like this before you try treating it?

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