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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Group of International Scientists Creates Artificial Brain That Educates Itself

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We are indeed getting closer to have artificial intelligence. One proof of it could be the recent news regarding a group of Russian scientists that have created a physical model of a brain that has a very special skill - it is able to educate itself. An international team of scientists from a laboratory in Tomsk State University located in western Siberia has amazingly created a device that could be an artificial carrier of a natural mind. It is designed with the abilities to learn and react to its environment.

Russian scientists, together with colleagues from Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan discussed the long overdue for researchers. The systematic process of reportedly requires copying of 100 million brain neurons and one trillion of their connections.

“First, we built mathematic and computer models of the human brain,Afterwards an electronic device with perceptrons was constructed. It is capable of processing diverse information (video, sound, etc.). In the end, an artificial brain could become an analogue of the biological model, We’ve got colossal scale of work in front of us, but one major step is already done – we have managed to crack a mystery of brain neural system. The creation of new neuron nets and degeneration of the already existing ones takes place in our physical model, as in the human brain. It is the process of forgetting in humans" - Vladimir Syryamkin, main developer and head of the laboratory

The new invention can now classify and accumulate life experience that it gains of course, from various external stimuli. The artificial mind will be able to memorize and use it in similar situations in the future. The invention is eyed to be a great help in the healthcare field.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor
Image: The Christian Journal

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