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Friday, August 17, 2018

South Korean Man Married A Pillow

Lee Jin Gyu

 It is a story about a man named Lee Jin Gyu who seriously married a pillow he named Fate Testarossa. The wedding is complete with a priest, a ceremony and even the Korean media made coverage of his otherworldly union with an anime character on a pillow.

Many people found this love story outlandish and strange. How can a man love an inanimate object? Others even suspected that it might just be a publicity stunt. Lee Jin Gyu since then defended himself regarding these criticisms. He stated several times that he is really madly in love with Fate Testarossa. Lee named his dakimura after the character on it. Fate is a character from an obscure anime series named Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha.

Since the time he bought Fate the pillow, he fell madly in love with it. He is even having a date with Fate in malls, amusement, and public parks."My love for Fate is unchangeable, but I will take more time to think about our marriage", said Lee before marrying Fate.

The wedding ceremony took place in a church, and their marriage gained a lot of mixed reaction from the viewing public. Some poked fun at it and strangely, fellow otakus felt inspired by it. Since then, many people confessed love to their waifus and while many people find it strange, we can't judge their fandom taken at a very different level.

Written by Adjie Perez, Lucis Philippines contributor.


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