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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Pyramids: This Video Completely Changes Our Idea Of History

Egypt, Giza, Pyramid, Peru

This amazing video has left me lost for words. It’s a great journey along a spectacular route rich in astonishing imagery, a remarkable milestone in science and eventually a disclosure as unanticipated as it is picturesque: a message passed on to generations to come by these strange builders.

It is already a common knowledge that there are plenty of mysterious events in history that are left unresolved.

What is the purpose of building the pyramids and why there are pyramids that look the same?

Why are there numerous pyramids worldwide? How come the ancients were able to construct these monumental landmarks without any heavy and advanced equipment?

Why is it that the pyramids, most of them, were built to imitate some constellations?

What is the reason for their existence? What is their essence?

Also, why are there texts written in hieroglyphs in some places in Australia? Relics and artifacts that show connections between ancient Egyptians and Mesoamerican civilizations also exist. Why are there things that our history books hide from us?

These questions, alongside numerous others, have been the topics of interest of different experts, professionals, academicians, and writers for a long time now.

Whether we like it or not, understanding the events and occurrences on our planet 2,000 or even worse, 20.000 years ago, is undoubtedly very difficult.

Based on some scholars’ account, people became civilized beings a couple of thousand years ago but in recent studies, the existence of organisms with an intricate biological structure that had roamed the surface of the Earth BILLIONS of years ago have been proven by scientists. Doesn’t this make people utterly curious and interested? Wouldn’t this make people think that ancient civilizations sprung to life much sooner than what he had been previously taught?

In fact, there are myriads of mysteries that remain unresolved and those cases that need a higher level of scrutiny are shunned by experts.

Curiously, at surprising intervals, scientists and historians make fascinating breakthroughs that bring us back in the past.

In recent discoveries, historians revealed that prehistoric people from the era of Stone Age in China were the first ones to use the diamond to polish some other gemstones and minerals. This happened two thousand years before they actually realized the purpose of the diamond as a tool. Diamonds are helpful in polishing jade, the main material used in making ceremonial axes.

According to the previous findings of researchers, quartz was believed to be the stone used to polish the axes.

Nevertheless, a dispute between Chinese and American archaeologists from the Harvard University arose. They argued regarding the level of polish in the instruments. They thought that this could not be done using quartz, proving that diamond is more likely to be used by the primitive people from thousands of years ago.

Another revelation – changing history as we knew it – was reached as experts found out that the first people to reach North America used the Bering Strait as their route 10,000 years earlier than previously recorded.

ice age

A group of experts from universities in Canada and United Kingdom said that the first human community in the Northern region of America, previously recorded as 14,000 years ago, is now perceived to be 24,000 years of age. This occurred during the peak of the last Ice Age.

The list of discoveries and findings that prove history, as we knew it today, is still incomplete, and that the complete picture is yet to be revealed.

This astounding documentary – which left many of us amazed – illustrates and expounds reasons why history, compared with what we have been told, is vague.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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