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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Underground Factory Manufactures Fake Pepsi And Other Soft Drinks

pepsi, fake pepsi

From clothes, apparel, electronics, cosmetics, medicines, and even foods, counterfeit goods seemed unstoppable. Unfortunately, for those who love soft drinks, fake Pepsi are also being sold in the market.

Underground soft drink factories have been manufacturing fake drinks, labeled and sold as branded ones, for their own profit. And yes, these counterfeit drinks include "fake Pepsi".

The images below are evidence of such a heinous act. Although it was taken at Baghdad, Iraq, we can't be assured that it's not happening right now in other parts of the world.

Take a peek at how the fake Pepsi drinks are being manufactured. First, they gather empty Pepsi bottles and wash them in a bathtub. Then, they put the empty bottles inside the old Pepsi case.
pepsi, fake pepsi
The next step would be filling the bottles with fake Pepsi liquid. Last, they will sort out Pepsi bottle caps and seal the bottles with them.
pepsi, fake pepsi

Will you be able to tell if these are fake? The fake Pepsi drinks are now ready to be sold.

Written by Kent McGrath, Lucis Philippines contributor.

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